A Brief about Mini Face Lift


Face lift in UK is becoming more and more popular these days. The recent addition is that of a mini face lift procedure or S-lift. It has become extremely popular among celebrities and those who are in the show business.

Mini face lift is a much quicker process to improve the overall facial condition of a person. It helps in making a person look much younger without going for heavy incisions. The process takes place through repositioning & tightening of the facial tissue structures. The entire process is less invasive in nature.

As a result, the recovery period is also much quicker. This type of cosmetic surgery can be done through the help of local anesthesia. Mini lifts are less costly than traditional ones. Due to this factor, S-lifts are extremely popular among the new age generation.

S-lifts are more effective for middle aged people. Those suffering from tired, heavy facial skin with absence of elasticity are ideal candidates of this type of face lift UK. It is extremely effective in fixing problems like aging, fine lines, wrinkle, and stress marks. Patients in between the age group of 30-50 are considered ideal for this type of cosmetic surgery.

S-lift surgical process is available in two types:

I. MACS lift – MACS stands for Minimal Access Cranial Suspension. This process helps in restoring the jaw line, while reducing jowls. Very minute incision takes place for this surgical procedure.

II. Hollywood lift –This is much faster procedure to elevate jaw and cheek line. Incisions are minimal. Recovery period is also faster.

Recovery time is usually quick. However, it is advised to take a complete rest for a week after the surgery. Patients should refrain themselves from doing any stressful work. Minor swelling & bruising can be experience for a couple of weeks, but that will disappear with the use of painkillers. Rest is important. A week’s complete rest is mandatory.