A Brief Lookout at the Brow Lift Surgery Procedure


With the passage of time, our skin tends to sag and swell. They are indications that we are getting old and so do our skin. Fine lines start to appear on our forehead. Double chins start to take precedence with excess deposition of fat around the neck. Drooping eye brows, formation of wrinkles around the facial areas, and stress marks are common occurrences to highlight the passing of age. However, there are several medical treatments available nowadays to fight and prevent the sign of aging.

Various cosmetic surgeries are available to retain the young look of human skin. Forehead lift and brow lift surgery are the most common cosmetic treatments available nowadays. The forehead gets affected the most and shows the sign of ageing. The skin shows a certain sagginess and eyebrows tend to droop. The muscles start to get loosen and as a result, the skin tends to lose on its elasticity and tightness.

Brow lift is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries and requires a very short period to get completed. There are two techniques available to undergo brow lifts. However, we will be talking about the surgical procedure. This procedure involves a certain incision through the hairline. The incision starts at one ear and ends at another.

Keep in mind that the hair present at both sides is tied back properly and the skin around the forehead is totally separated from the tissue that is present below. The skin is further stretched through the forehead and then again reattached while maintaining the hairlinesegment properly. Sutures and stiches are performed for the attachment. After that, the area is covered with bandages and surgical gauze to prevent any impurities from coming in contact with the operated area.