Acne Cure Colloidal Gold Natural Acne Treatment


Acne cure colloidal gold and natural acne treatments are desirable for many reasons. A few reasons can be listed as follows.

• They have few side effects.
• They are inexpensive.
• They are very effective.

You can find many methods of acne cure colloidal gold and natural acne treatment. The natural acne treatments may include plant extracts that work to dry up the pimple and sooth the skin. Most of these natural products contain vitamin E, grapeseed oil, calendula, aloe vera, witch hazel, or essential oils. You can also try an herbal blend consisting of equal parts of the herbal extracts of sarsaparilla, yellow dock, burdock, and cleavers. Take half a teaspoon of this blend three times daily.

Vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as chromium and zinc, all play a role in reducing and preventing acne. Some people even find that chocolate, caffeine, carbonated beverages, iodized salt, shellfish, wheat and/or milk products also aggravate acne. However, you should avoid refined sugar, fried foods, and trans fat, such as milk, milk products, margarine, and any hydrogenated vegetable oils. But, taking yoga classes in Melbourne, exercise, breathing techniques, biofeedback, massage, and meditation may be beneficial.

Acne cure colloidal gold is a mineral supplement suspension of 24 K gold mineral in de-ionized water used to augment the body’s electrolytes. They are also very effective for acne control. The good thing is that you can use the acne cure colloidal gold and natural acne treatments instead of antibiotics.