Aloe versus Wrinkles creams


For many years, beauty specialists and nutritionists have known that aloe vera can stimulate cell growth and help rejuvenate the skin. Aloeride© is made from the highest quality aloe vera and manufactured under stringent pharmaceutical conditions to bring you the healing power of aloe vera in a tiny, tasteless capsule.

What is the secret behind aloe vera’s magical properties? Researchers have long pondered this mystery plant and you’d be amazed by what they have found.

Dr. Ivan E. Danhof, M.D., Ph.D., president of North Texas Research laboratories and a retired Professor of Physiology from the University of Texas, conducted intensive studies to find that the interior gel from the aloe vera plant increases the production of fibroblast cells faster than normal cells were being replicated. The fibroblast cells are found in the dermis of the skin and have the function of producing collagen, which is the skin’s support protein. Natural aging and exposure to harmful rays from the sun will result in fibroblast slowing the collagen production of the dermis. Dr. Danhof’s research uncovered that aloe not only improved the fibroblast cell accuracy, but the amazing gel speeded up the production of collagen, giving skin a rejuvenated appearance.

Although science hasn’t discerned which particular ingredient in aloe equips it with the amazing capability to effect collagen production and fibroblast cells. They do know that the polysaccharies, which is a sugary substance found in aloe that provides the gel with its tremendous moisture fastening properties, is somehow involved in the process. Dr. Danhof firmly believes that these polysaccharides may possibly reorganize epidermal cells located in the skin’s thin protective surface barrier. Because natural aging and damage from the sun can cause the cells in this delicate region to become loose, water and moisture can easily escape which in turn causes skin cells not to mature properly. In addition, dirt and bacteria can easily gain access causing dry, scaly skin. Therefore, a younger looking and more glowing complexion is achieved when the epidermal cells fit tighter and the protective covering to the inner layers of skin are working together.

This same science behind this moisture binding action also works again severe dryness, such as instances of burned tissue. Because aloe works so well on burns, hospitals all over the United States use aloe as an effective treatment in their burn units.

Dr. Danhof’s research found that aloe has a penetrating ability which causes it to penetrate the skin more quickly than water, which is unusual because aloe is 99.5 percent water. An ingredient in aloe that science is yet to discover is behind this penetration.

Aloe has other important qualities that make it one of the planet’s most revered plants. The calming and healing changes that it has on damaged skin – cuts, scrapes, burns, bug bites – are all eased almost immediately when gently rubbed with thick gel. Inflammation of the pores of the skin – acne, for instance, which causes swelling, irritation, postules, and pimples – responds rapidly with the application of aloe.

Our skin is probably our body’s only organ that cannot be replaced as we age. Since we only get one chance, we must do everything within our power to care for and maintain our skin. The aloe vera in Aloeride© is selected from the highest-quality aloe vera plants, using the most potent species available on earth. Aloeride© is also packed with important vitamins and minerals, making it a super-charged rejuvenator! It doesn’t matter when you start – its never too early or too late to see improvement in your skin, your health, your quality of life. Incorporate Aloeride© into your daily routine.

Posted On:  September 7, 2016
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