Aromatherapy spas


You must have heard about aromatherapy and aromatherapy spas. They are a big fad nowadays. Ask any new age woman and she is more likely to prefer an aromatherapy session or an acupuncture routine more than simple medicines or even multifaceted gyms. That’s just another part of life that seem to taking off big time, apart from the Jonas brothers. Now, the question is what aromatherapy is, in the true sense of the term. If you have been out in the US market for so-called aroma products, you will find an overwhelming amount of aroma brands out there. Are all of them worth it? No! Most of the products out there are just marketing hypes and scams at least. You will noticeably find that they claim how they are ‘made from natural essential oils’. Don’t go by that line. You see when you use 99 percent of synthetic fragrance oil and only one percent of essential oil extracts, then also it can be claimed that it is made from essential oils. But would you call it some aroma product? Oh, that would some sort of hoax.

Remember, aromatherapy is all about essential oil extracts, bsolutes and CO2 compounds. It has been believed throughout the ages that the essential oils when applied properly have miraculous effects on the wellbeing of one’s mind and body. Aromatherapy works around that concept. Why are they called essential oils? It’s because they contain the key essence of the plant. You sniff it or you smear it. It brings on the wonderful mystical plant benefits on you. Absolutes, CO2 compounds and hydrosols all form a part of the essential oils. Then some of the other natural ingredients that are used extensively in any aromatherapy session are milk powders, herbs, sugars, mud, clays, sea salts, jojoba, and pressed cold vegetable oils.

But it must be remembered that fragrance oils and essential oils are completely different. The essential oils are completely natural and they are very POWERFUL. They are formed of certain ingredients that, when comes in contact with the human body, can have specific powerful reactions, whether good or bad. The scent of the oil is either smelled that fills your nose with the strong odor reaching your brain directly or you either apply it on your skin, that meets your bloodstream and spread in your body. In either case, it has a strong effect on your mind and body. One of the most common applications is of eucalyptus oil for curing constipation. Essential oils are great for personal hygiene, health and beauty.

Anyway, aromatherapy is exactly not our topic here. But we are going to talk about something that has aromatherapy to do with it.

We are talking about the aromatherapy spas. Needless to say, aromatherapy spas are the latest fad of the world. More and more people are turning natural nowadays, starting from fashion trends to medicines. And thus is the popularity of aromatherapy spas. If you think about it, why wouldn’t anyone be? Well, I personally dig these spa resorts. Why? Just think about it. You work all week and when you get time one day, will you really like to sweat in an aerobics session? Oh come on. I am very lazy and I don’t want to. I would rather chill out inside a tub at some cool place lit with candle, smelling of flowers, with some lazy music playing behind. That’s just the picture of your aromatherapy spa.

But there’s more to it. There will be a person, certified and licensed, who will work on your body, rubbing your shoulders, massaging your forehead or just plain perfecting the ambience for you. Sometimes, he will guide you through the ritualistic process of Ayurveda. Anything he does will be for the purpose of healing and improving your body, mind and soul, bringing you natural health and beauty. It is just so wonderful, the whole ambience that you would crave to run to again and again. That happened to me and to almost all my friends. That happens to almost all people who flock to these aromatherapy spas.

But then again, with the rise in demand of aromatherapy spas, pops up new aromatherapy spa salons here and there like mushrooms. But are all of them worth it? Oh No! You should always take some pains to find out what the best aromatherapy spa resorts are. And when you find one, you need more than just going and booking your session. Trust me it will be costly. And there you need some aromatherapy spa packages. Don’t worry you will get a whole lot attractive deals if you search for it.

You will get some good deals over the internet. All you have to do is search for it a bit. That’s it. And believe me when I say (that goes to all who are new to aromatherapy spas) that once you experience the aromatherapy facial once, you will never forget it again and perhaps, that would be your regular haunt.