Be Aware of Tummy Tucks Complications


Tummy tuck surgeries are very common all throughout the world. With the modern and advanced techniques, it is easy to reduce excess fat and skin from the lower part and the middle part of the abdomen.

Tummy tuck is also known as abdominoplasty. However, like all other surgeries, tummy tucks too have some risks and complications. Though the entire process takes about 1 hour to 5 hours still we cannot ignore the facts about its risks. Hence, before going for tummy tucks it is essential for everyone to go through he various complications, know about them, consult their doctor and then only proceed for it. Scars, bleeding, infection, pain, Nausea, persistent swelling and bruising, sutures, skin changes, and skin contour irregularities are few of the side effects or so-called complications of Tummy tuck.

Let us talk in detail about few of the above-mentioned complications. But before we further discuss we need to mention that these are few and most common complications, there are much more in the lists and some of them are quite serious.

Bleeding- This happens only if you have taken any kind of blood thinners in any of the days of past fortnight. Prior to 10 days of the surgery it is essential to avoid any kind of blood thinners. This will make situations more easy and calm and there won’t be any bleeding.

Infection- This happens due to carelessness, and if, there is any kind of fungi present in the body. This can be solved by antibiotic given by the doctor.

Pain- It is something that cannot be avoided even if medicines are taken, the degree of it can be reduced but in real time it hardly works. The entire draining out process is painful.