Beauty Care Products


Do you want to feel beautiful and enjoy good health? Discover which beauty care products will help achieve your goal. But first – some important information you need to know.

The Body’s Building Blocks – How do they Work?

Below the surface layer are sweat and oil glands, hair follicles, blood vessels, nerves, and muscle tissue. This is all held together by a connective tissue called collagen. It hardens as the years go by and is unable to absorb and hold moisture. It then binds to other collagen fibers causing unwanted wrinkling. Magic of Aloe has several care products to address age-lines.

The skin is constantly renewing and repairing itself. It needs daily cleansing care to remove, dirt, dust and the dead cells that lay on the surface. If this waste is not eliminated the pores become clogged – causing dryness, pimples, acne or psoriasis. Babor’s Cleansing system will do the job.

pH – an Important Consideration

Slightly acidic with a pH value of 4.5 to 6 and with a coating of oil, your skin has double protection against bacteria. With the passing of time, the pH tends to rise and the skin weakens making it vulnerable to damage and infections. So consider whether the products you purchase have an effect on this important pH balance. pH Advantage so named because of its low pH has products that cover every need – acne, anti aging, cleansing and protection from the sun.

Why Different Skin Colors?

There is a pigment in the skin called melanin. The more of this the cells make, the darker you are and the less – the lighter. Sitting in the sun can also cause more melanin to be manufactured. The result is a suntan. In a darker person there are more and larger pigment producing cells. Incidentally black people look younger longer because this pigment protects them from sunlight and slows down the aging process.

Black Skin

• scar easily – be on guard against acne
• must continually protect from the sun with a minimum SPF15
• can be irritated
• squeezing blemishes, shaving or plucking hair can create dark spots
• face is oily
• body is dry and ashy colored

Asian Skin

• brown spots appear with passage of time
• premature aging is less common
• excessive freckling
• irritations from ingredients in many major cosmetic brands
• highly prone to blemishes and acne
• large pores give appearance of uneven tone and texture
• proper sun protection is essential
• loss of firmness with age

White Skin

• Not as sensitive to outside factors
• less prone to problems of discoloration and scars
• lasers used with success in removal of excessive hair
• accumulate a lesser degree of dead cells
• smaller pores
• show aging sooner

Find the Best Beauty Care Treatments

Sacha has great beauty products in many shades. All women will find help including those with exotic or yellow undertones – African, Hispanic, Latin, Asian and Indian women. This basic care beauty system has products that control oil as well as cleanse and tone. The Hydrating Moisturizer includes SPF15 to guard against the sun.

Overnight Moisture Lotion hydrates without being oily, and Overnight Renewal Lotion with alpha-hydroxy acid (made from plants) gently exfoliates.

Kamaflage Foundation by Sacha conceals marks, scars and acne. It enjoys maximum coverage with good staying power. With a virtual interactive site, the beauty care regime can be rounded out by choosing the right color in blushes, powders and lipsticks.

Zhen beauty care cosmetics were begun in 1994 for Asian women. A collection of care products was especially chosen to work with the oriental coloring.

Beauty Products to Suit All Colorings

Prescriptives offers 6 formulations in over 150 shades. Their Total Protection Makeup is available in 30 shades and they will custom blend foundation, powder and concealer.

Clinique has also brought out a variety of shades in all of their newer products. They offer some dark and some Asian shades such as Active White Daily or Perfectly Real Compact Makeup.

Try other companies – Bobbi Brown, Versace, Calvin Klein, Lauder, MAC, and Chantecaille to discover great beauty products.

Facial Care

Often we think of the face when we refer to beauty care. Because of constant exposure to the elements, it does require attention and is the first part of the body to show signs of aging.

• moisten with water
• work up a lather by rubbing soap or products like Robanda

Exfoliating Facial Wash, between wet palms

• massage the lather into the face and throat
• rinse thoroughly
• blot dry with a soft towel
After a thorough cleansing, apply a toner or rinse (Bye-Bye Blemish Astringent Toner) that closes the pores.

Homemade Recipes

For a great toner, boil a cup of water and infuse chamomile, marigold, rosehip or herbal teas. Add 2 drops of orange or lavender oil and leave to cool.

Facial masks are some of the oldest known beauty treatments. Clay and oatmeal are ideal ingredients. Natural powdered clay (fuller’s earth – found at Mountain Rose Herbs) can be mixed into a paste with hot water. Cool and add yogurt for a smoother consistency.

Mix finely ground oatmeal into a paste with warm water. Let it cool down. Add 15 drops of essential oils for each cup of paste. Apply to your face. Let it dry slightly and then sponge off.

There are beauty products to care for every type, condition and requirement. Pamper yourself – you are worth it.