Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Procedure: The Increasing Popularity


Breast augmentation surgery is a very popular cosmetic surgical procedure in UK and US. In the year of 2010, nearly 300,000 breast augmentation surgeries were conducted in the US. Women, having smaller breasts, mostly opt for such surgical procedure. In fact, the augmentation procedure is also availed for tightening of breasts.

The augmentation surgical procedure involves placement of a certain silicone implant for increasing the cup size of breasts. It helps in providing a full rounded appearance to breasts. During the surgery, minute incision is done underneath the breast region. Often, aorta region is also selected for making the incision. Presently, there are two types of implants available in market: Saline and Silicone.

Saline implants feature solid shell of silicone that is filed up with sterilized saline. A minor incision is carried out for filling the implants. However, they are partly filled. Remaining fill-up procedure is carried out after the implant is placed within the chest wall & breast tissue region. Since Silicone is extremely easy to get sterilized, it is used for such purpose.

Silicone implants got a reintroduction in the US market in 2006. It was banned because of certain safety risks related to health. However, recent studies have confirmed that such risk chances have lowered by a greater percentage. For silicone implants, patients should have reached 22 years of age. After the surgery concludes, an MRI scan is necessary. However, this scan needs to e conducted 3 years after the surgery to checkout about any complication or rupture chances.

Saline implants are widely available in the market. They are available in different shapes. They maintain their original orientation due to frequent texturing. Silicone implants are extremely smooth and rounded smooth.

There are plenty of clinics in US and UK that carry out safe breast augmentation surgery. A search through internet can be helpful in learning about the availability of clinics that carry out these surgical treatments.