Bring out the Best in your Eyes


The eyes are the windows of the soul. It has the power of communication by casting a captivating gaze. Playing up the looks in your eyes can give infinite information to others. By accentuating your eyes, it is the most expressive feature of your face.

In bringing out the natural definition of your eyes, the right eye make up products is the key. The eye beauty products include the mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, brow definer and eye concealer. The eye make up products keep your glamorous eye more enchanting.

Eye Makeup Products

Depending on your skin color, time of the day and the occasion, you can choose from the wide selection of eye makeup products in the market. There are different hues to choose when looking for an eye makeup product. Your skin color says a lot about your color alternatives. There are colors that will look attractive and visible for dark skinned tone individuals whereas for fair- skinned individuals, almost any color will do. The time of the day also matters when choosing your eye color make up. Day makeup is lighter when compared with night eye makeup. The occasion is also another consideration, dark eye makeup is suitable for formal night parties and light and natural makeup for office work.

Eye mascara works on thickening and lengthening the eyelashes. The eye mascara comes in two most common shades, the black and brown shade. Good mascara is waterproof to avoid smudging. There is also eye mascara that curls the lashes. Eye mascara has a different product offering. You just have to choose the offering that best reflects the effect that you like. Generally, the two coats of mascara give a defining effect to your lashes. Before applying the second coat, allow the first coating to dry up to avoid clumping.

Eyeliner gives a better definition of the eyes. Black, brown plum or navy are the most common color of eyeliners. It can come in stick or liquid form. A little of the eye beauty product goes a long way. For a more dramatic look, darker and thicker is tolerable. However, if you wish to have a more subtle look, thinner application is better.

Experimenting with eye beauty products helps you find the best look for you. Check with the wide array of eye color makeup in department stores. You can avail of free testing of the eye makeup products before you decide the type of product to buy. This ensures that you know what you get are getting from your money. For better results, you can invite friends overnight to do eye makeup product experimentation. This way you can consider their opinion before going on a different look.

Eye Makeup Techniques

The eyes are the essential features of the face. When the eye makeup is right, it brings out the best in your eyes.

For beginners, the first step in eye makeup techniques is the application of concealer. Concealers cover the flaws like under eye circles or bluish discoloration. Apply three dots of the eye concealer starting from the darkest area going to the lighter side. Pat the concealer using the ring finger until the cream evens out with your skin tone.

Eye base keeps the eye makeup product for several hours. Without the eye base, your eye shadow ends up as a grease line in your crease. The nest step is the application of the eye shadow. Using three-toned shadow, move the brush from the lid to the brow and allow them to blend naturally.

The third step is the use of eyeliner. This eye beauty product should line the eyes as close to the lashes as possible. If you do not have an eyeliner in your eye makeup kit, dark eye color makeup will do. Highlight your brow concentrating on the middle going outward.

Curl your lashes using an eye lash curler to get a long lashes look. For longer curling, heat the curler under a blow dryer for a few seconds. Make sure to test the curler before using it to curl your lashes so as not to burn yourself.

As for the final touch, place the mascara brush at the bottom of your eyelashes and move it back and forth. Allow it to dry before doing the second coating.

This simple eye makeup technique helps you achieve the gorgeous eye in a snap.

Eye Makeup Removal

Every woman who uses an eye makeup color product should know how to remove it at night. To keep the skin healthy, an eye makeup removal kit should be a part of your kit. Leaving makeup on your skin clogs the pores and may lead to acne. Removing eye makeup products is as tricky as its application. You can use different products for your eye makeup removal. Olive oil is an excellent and natural substance to remove the makeup. Vaseline and cold cream are also traditional products which does not only remove makeup but moisturize as well. For sensitive skin, there are commercial products like disposable towelletes to use. Others use baby shampoo or baby oil and give the same effect as the expensive commercial products.