Can The Heart Benefit From The Use Of Aloe Vera?


You go for your annual checkup and everything checks out except for one thing. Your arteries are hardening. This condition is called arteriosclerosis. Unfortunately this is brought about by the aging process.

It doesn’t have to be a death sentence diagnosis as there are numerous treatment courses that can be done to prevent and in some cases reverse arteriosclerosis.

When aloe vera is added to the diet, it helps in lowering triglycerides and LDL (bad cholesterol), and raises the HDL (good cholesterol).

Symptoms and signs of coronary artery disease diminish and in some cases disappear. With the partnership of their health professionals, some patients have even been able to discontinue their medications for chest pain, blood pressure and blood sugar control.

Hardening of the arteries involves the entire blood network in the body. When hardened plague lines the arteries and small vessels, the passageway for the blood to travel becomes more and more blocked.

The organs and tissues in need of the oxygen filled blood now have become deprived which will eventually damage them.

There is a gradual build up of carbon dioxide and other toxic wastes that the now clogged arteries are unable to filter out of the body.

Backed up blood eventually turns into “sludge” a thick, slow moving liquid. The heart has to work harder as it is being sent messages that there is trouble. Should physical exertion be increased the request for more oxygen filled blood cannot be met. The heart muscle reacts and when a part of it dies, it is called a heart attack. Instantaneous death results when a precise heart muscle dies.

When this “sludge” is reduced and platelet stickiness lessened, than a coronary event is forestalled. Aspirin and Plavix are used just for this issue and so is the use of certain aloe vera capsules. Platelets are needed for clotting the blood, otherwise we would bleed to death.

When the platelets become sticky a clot will form in the blood vessel and if there is too much plague in the blood vessel than a gradual build up of slow moving platelets will permanently shut off blood flow throughout that particular artery or vein.

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