Casey Anthony Considers Plastic Surgery Now That She is Free


Casey Anthony, 25, is considering taking some very dramatic steps in order to hide her face from the world, now just one day after her freedom. Star magazine’s David Perel says, “Casey wants plastic surgery to change her looks so no one can find her.”

Casey Anthony Plastic Surgery

Released from the Orange County Jail in Florida just after midnight and under the close watch of several guards wearing bullet proof vests and carrying semi-automatic rifles, Casey Anthony was greeted by crowd of approximately 100 people shouting “Baby killer” and “You suck” as she was rushed into a waiting vehicle and taken to an unknown destination.

According to one report she was driven to a private airport and boarded a plane for Ohio. Other reports suggest she is heading to Puerto Rico to undergo plastic surgery.

Dr. Randal Haworth, a renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, explains how Casey Anthony can get her eyes, nose, lips, cheeks and brow redone to better help her disappear from the public eye. “No one would know who you are with these procedures,” the Beverly Hills plastic surgery doctor says, adding, “Cheek implants drastically change a look and face structure.”

The reactions from the Casey Anthony trial were not very positive, as many people nationwide are angry with the not guilty verdict. “A new identity is just another lie… facial plastic surgery… just another lie, upon lie, upon lie,” an “Extra” friend points out.

When talk show host Joy Behar interviewed Casey Anthony’s attorney, Dorothy Clay Sims, asking, “Would you let Casey babysit your kids?” Dorothy stammered, “I, I, I like Casey Anthony… I came to trust her, that’s a really…” and then paused for a while, contemplating her answer.

Plastic surgery or not, Casey Anthony will now be a public face after being released on July 17th. Her attorney’s and those close to her fear for her life, as the majority of the American public has expressed their dismay with the trial’s verdict and her release from jail.

Stay tuned for more updates surrounding Casey Anthony plastic surgery news as we continue to follow this story.

Posted On:  July 4, 2016
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