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Switch Over To Boy Shorts For Looks and Comfort

If you thought that boy shorts refer to shorts worn by boys, you are utterly wrong. In fact, it is a very sexy piece of undergarment, which can be substituted as either plus size lingerie Australia or a swimwear. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton are sported wearing boy shorts as swimwear. So, next time when you go for a beach, try sexy boy shorts instead of the regular bikini. The fabric used in making boy shorts is generally cotton, nylon, and satin. Cotton boy shorts are most comfortable as they absorb the sweat. Whereas, satin boy shorts is the ultimate if you want to look sexy.

Why are boy shorts gaining popularity?

There are many reasons that can be attributed to the increasing popularity of boy shorts. Let us see some of these:

Most women do not prefer to wear bikinis in public, as these are too revealing. Boy shorts offer a good option for these women.

These are in low waist style. Therefore, you can wear these with tight jeans, without worrying about panty lines showing.

If you have marks on your body, you can easily hide them under your boy shorts. Most women have stretch marks on their lower abdomen post pregnancy. Boy shorts are a blessing for such women.

Due to wide popularity of boy shorts, several online stores that sell only the tops. So, you can buy a few boy shorts and a few tops in different patterns. Thus, you can create a different look for your self by mixing different tops and shorts.

How to select boy shorts?
Just like any lingerie item, you have to be careful while selecting a pair that suits your body type.

The shorts should fit you properly. Ensure that you buy the right size, neither too tight nor too loose.

These shorts are available in all the sizes. Select a pattern that will suit you. If you have stretch marks, then select a pair with high waist.

If you have a perfect figure and you do not mind flaunting your curves, select ruffle boy shorts in tanga style. These lace boy shorts will make you look every bit sexy.

Boy shorts can give you the look you want. Spandex boy shorts will hug snugly to the body. Whether you want to hide your skin, or you want to look super sexy, you can change your look by choosing right boy shorts.