Cosmetic Breast Surgery


Are you one of the many considering cosmetic breast surgery? Take a look and find out about the basics of this surgery to help you make your decision, and maybe help decide what you want out of it.

Breast surgery goes by several different names. They are mastopexy, mammoplasty, breast size reduction, breast lift, breast lift with reduction, as well as breast lift with augmentation, and the list can go on, but these are the most commonly found.

Cosmetic breast surgery is basically the change in size, shape, or both at the same time. You can receive this type of surgery at either a hospital or an outpatient surgical facility, it is really that simple.

During the surgery, you can expect your surgeon to use a general anesthesia for the pain, but you might find that local anesthesia is also used. You can expect your surgery to last anywhere between three and six hours, depending on what you have done.

If you are planning on a breast lift, then your surgeon will make an incision along the natural creases as well as the areas where you find dark skin, around the nipple area. This area is called the areola. Your surgeon will also make an incision above your areola that is keyhole shaped. This will be the new location for your nipple. Next, some of your skin is taken from the lower area of your breast. Everything is then moved to a higher position, including the underlying breast tissue and areola. Now the nipple is moved and the wounds are closed using sutures. This type of surgery usually lasts between 3 and 5 hours.

As with all surgeries there will be a few risks. First of all, there is the risk of effects from the surgery itself and the anesthesia. Then there are the scars that may take awhile to heal, there is the possibility that your nipples will be uneven, there is a chance that you will lose sensory, as well as the inability to nurse infants. There is also the emotional risk if you find that it isn’t all perfect, but you must keep in mind that the goal isn’t perfection, it is improvement.

Before deciding on any kind of cosmetic breast surgery, you need to talk to a doctor. They can explain the risks and possibilities of these procedures.