Curing Acne faster


We are going to talk here about the no. 1 enemy of teenagers. Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about acne! Acne is a serious skin disorder that infects millions of teenagers all around the world. Moreover, it is not just the teenagers who are the victims of these beastly bumps, but at times, the infants and adults are affected by them too.

There’s no need to say about the immense personal suffering inflicted upon the victims by acne. Not only your looks but also your self-esteem takes a dip. You feel miserable and awkward among your pretty-faced friends.

However, the million-dollar question is: is there really a cure for acne?
For decades, medical experts have been busy conducting intense research in this regard. Unfortunately, they have not been able to lay hands on one sure shot way that makes acne disappear from your face without any telltale signs. However, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. There ARE certain remedies, which are quite effective in controlling acne and curing it to a certain extent. The effectiveness of these remedies depends on the seriousness of your acne, the type of acne, and the method of application. So, do not lose heart and read on to find a suitable acne cure for yourself.

The Cosmetic Cure

Since the day the cosmetic industry found out that acne is one of the concerns of beauty, they have geared up to produce a line of products that promise to bring back the glow on your face. There are a number of cleansers, astringents, moisturizers, and pimple creams available over the counter. You can also find blackhead and whitehead strips available in the market that claim to “pull out” those ugly things from your face. Besides this, you can have various face peels and packs for acne. These products work to some degree. However, don’t expect to get overnight results with cosmetic products.

The Antibiotic Cure

The antibiotics prescribed by dermatologists fight acne by destroying the acne-causing bacteria present in the pores of your skin. However, it has been found in some cases that the prolonged use of certain antibiotics makes them ineffective against the bacteria. In addition to this, there are topical gels that are applied over the affected areas for acne cure.

However, one of the bad things about oral antibiotics is that you may experience side effects, as it circulates throughout your body. Some of the common side effects of such antibiotics are dizziness and nausea. Besides this, some vitamin A derivatives prevent the clumping of skin cells and stimulate the skin to shed. However, don’t think these derivatives are free from side effects. You may feel dryness, redness, and irritation in the skin. There are reports of emotional problems and birth defects too.

Is There A Quick Way To Get Rid Of Acne?

Well, this is the question most of you might be eager to ask. Isn’t there a certain drug that makes acne vanish from the face just like painkillers that make pain vanish? Unfortunately, no.

However, one thing will help you control your acne faster. That is: consulting your dermatologist. It is surprising to know that people are desperately looking for an acne cure but forget to visit their dermatologist next door! Instead of running from pillar to post trying out the brand new pimple cream, or herbal treatments, or some bizarre remedies suggested by local people, why don’t you simply call your dermatologist and discuss the problem?

We don’t mean to say that you will get the magic cure for acne from your dermatologist; however, you are certainly going to get some sound advice. He or she will give you treatments that ARE going to work and give the best results over time.

Advantages Of Visiting A Dermatologist

• They will give you advice after examining your skin type.
• They will recommend the most suitable cleanser or maybe a medicated soap or cleanser, if required.
• They will prescribe certain treatments that are not available over the counter.

Most of you waste time in seeking to cure acne and pimples yourselves, and during this time, your acne grabs the chance to become worse. Remember; THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO CURE ACNE FASTER IS TO CATCH IT IN THE EARLY STAGES. As it becomes worse and spreads, it is difficult to eliminate it, not mentioning the scars they create on your face.

Do not visit your dermatologist as a last option. This is what generally people do. However, it should be the opposite. Visit your dermatologist at the first sight of acne.

8 Quick Tips To Cure Acne

Visiting your dermatologist does not mean that it is his or her responsibility now to cure your acne. You, too, have to take certain steps to keep your acne in control and regain your beauty by taking necessary precautions.

Here are eight quick tips to help you do that.

• Always keep your face clean. If your skin is excessively oily, wash it three to four times a day with a mild soap or cleanser.
• Watch out what you are eating. Oily and spicy stuff stimulates the oil glands under your skin, making a favorable environment for acne. Also, do not have too many diary products or sugary foods.
• Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid acne.
• Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. It helps to flush out the toxins from your body, thus, mitigating acne breakouts.
• EXERCISING PREVENTS ACNE. Surprised? Well, it’s a fact that exercise detoxifies your body. Make sure to wash your face after the workout in order to remove the sweat.
• NEVER SQUEEZE PIMPLES. It leads to spreading the bacteria to other unaffected areas.
• Refrain from touching or rubbing your face with your hands, as they contain oil and may transfer bacteria to the face.
• Do not overuse cosmetic products. Chemicals are harsh to your skin and may lead to more breakouts. Always check the ingredients before buying the beauty products and make sure that they are suitable for your skin type. Use natural products as far as possible. They are the safest.

Stop suffering in silence. Stop looking for a magical acne cure either. Rather, adopt a healthy lifestyle, contact your dermatologist for treatment, and eventually watch your acne surrender to you!