Design Your Own Anti Ama Program


Now that you know what creates your moderate to severe symptoms of menopause, you are ready to begin designing a personal program to rid ama from your tissues, leaving you with the squeaky-clean feeling of health and vitality—not to mention the peace of mind you will have knowing you’re taking steps to avoid chronic diseases that could cut off your life prematurely.

But in order to create a program that is tailored to your individual condition, you must first pinpoint the locations in your body where ama has been built up and is lodged or “stuck.” Locating your ama is necessary, Vedic medicine tells us, because the persistent symptom you experience at menopause are determined by where in your body ama has accumulated. In other words, we can determine which tissues are affected, and therefore what kind of approach to take, by looking at your symptoms.

You can find pinpoint which areas in your body are clogged with ama by taking a simple quiz, in the Ayurveda Self Guide Booklet on this site. Once you have identified the sites of your ama accumulation, you can design an individualized therapeutic program with recommendations in that booklet.