Designing an Ama Cleansing Program


If you suffer from troublesome menopausal symptoms like Jacqueline and your symptoms do not resolve with simple lifestyle and dosha-balancing measures, then deeper cleansing techniques are in order to remove ama from your body and allow your hormones to have their effects on your tissues. In this way, you will optimize the hormones your body is still producing and also increase the beneficial effects from phytoestrogen rich foods, spices and herbs that you are eating in your diet.

The three therapeutic techniques I recommended to Jacqueline, including a personalized herbal water to drink on a daily basis, a spice mixture to use at each meal, and a variety of whole grains for daily use, form the basis of the three step self-treatment program for stubborn menopausal symptoms that I will be outlining in this chapter. Attention is also given to purifying the three major waste products of the body, urine, sweat and stool, including practical tips on how to eliminate problems that frequently flare up at menopause, such as recurrent urinary tract infections and constipation,.

For those who wish to create as quick a result as possible, use an intensive three week program which integrates your dosha balancing diet with techniques that eliminate ama is described in detail. It is also important to increase the phytoestrogen content of your diet through foods, herbs and spices, making hormonally-supportive eating a built-in feature of your daily life.

This program of your peronalized herbal water, your spice mixture and including whole grains in your daily diet should be followed for a minimum of three months. Even though improvements may come quickly, as in Jacqueline’s case, the ama and imbalances have usually been around a long time. In order to make lasting improvements, and to overcome resistant symptoms, it is best to plan to continue to your three key healing components for at least ninety days.