Different Types of Nose Shapes That Rhinoplasty Can Correct


Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping, is a surgery that corrects the shape of the nose and makes it more proportionate to the other facial features. It may be done for medical purposes or simply to improve a person’s appearance and self-confidence. The incisions used for this surgery are often made inside of the nose or in the fold between the outer edge of the nostril and the cheek. The exact incision will be determined by you and your doctor depending on the desired results.

Here are some of the problems that rhinoplasty can correct:

• Bump on the nasal bridge: The profile of your nose may be uneven due to a hereditary bump or a defect caused by an injury. The bump is usually comprised of bone and it can either be shaved off or disguised by building up the rest of the nasal bridge using bone and tissue from another area.

• Off-center or crooked nose: If your nose is bent or asymmetrical, then it can be reset. The surgeon may have to fracture the nose in order to realign it and create a straighter, centered nose.

• Widened nostrils: Some noses can appear too wide when viewed from the front. This is a delicate problem to correct because the skin may be thicker and parts of the nose may need to be rebuilt in order to give it a natural look from the profile and front view.

• Your nose is too big or too small for your face: Even if your nose does not have any flaws in shape, the dimensions may not be right for your face. When working to make the nose smaller, the surgeon will have to carefully determine how much tissue to remove so the nose still looks natural.

Posted On:  May 9, 2016
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