Drink Your Own Personalized Herbal Water


The first and most important step in getting started is to formulate your personalized recipe for your herbal water. Once you have formulated your recipe, begin to make and drink your herbal water on a daily basis to start the process of smoothing out your symptoms. Please follow the instructions carefully regarding both the content of the herbs in your herbal mixture as well as the preparation of the water itself. Every detail has a reason, and deviating from the prescription will reduce its effectiveness.

Formulating Your Herbal Water Recipe. Your personalized recipe starts with a base of three spices; cumin, coriander and fennel. Cumin helps in absorption and utilization of nutrients and the water; coriander helps in detoxification through the kidneys of toxic chemicals ingested from day-to-day exposure, and can help to remove toxins from deeper in the tissues; and fennel helps normalize your digestion (agni).

Add to this base the specific herbs and spices prescribed for your individual tissue and waste imbalances. You will find these ingredients in sections that follow, “Personalized Herbal Water Ingredients” where they are listed for each of the tissues and wastes you assessed when you took ama quizzes.

For simplicity in making your recipe, get a pen and paper. Divide the paper into two columns, labeled “my tissues/wastes” on the left, and “my herbal water” on the right. Next, refer back to your quiz results. In the left hand column of your paper under “my tissues/wastes,” write down the names of each of the tissues and wastes that you scored high in. For example, that may be “rasa (plasma), meda (fat and hormones), and urine.
Next, in the right hand column under “my herbal water,” write down the three basic ingredients—cumin, coriander and fennel—and their amounts. If you have prominent hot flashes, mood swings or irritability, add the ingredients indicated for each problem in the section below.

Lastly, look in the section “Personalized Herbal Water Ingredients” below for those tissues or wastes that you have listed on your sheet. For each of your imbalanced tissues/wastes, write down in the right-hand column the herbs listed for balancing it. For example, for rasa write down ajwan seeds, 1/8 tsp. For meda and for urine, you will add the herbs referred to below in the sections for those tissues. If an herb or spice appears in your recommendations more than once, simply include it in the largest amount specified (i.e. do not triple the amount if it is recommended for three separate tissues.)