Escentric molecules: what is it?


This Company has created a new range of perfumes called Escentric Molecules. This perfume is natural and subtle; it is supposed to enhance the skin’s natural smell. Escentric Molecules 01 is the first perfume created by This Company. It has been very successful so the range has been developed and more perfumes can now be bought online or in stores. This is not a traditional perfume as there are already many of them: this perfume covers the smell or natural skin but does not necessarily smell strong. Not everyone likes this actually and according to the person who is wearing it, the smell can be very different.


The body naturally produces some kind of oils and this perfume is supposed to enhance then, which is the reason why it smells different on each and every person who is trying it. Escentric molecules 01 is the first one of the Escentric range, you can find it in different format.

What is Escentric Molecules 01 exactly?

This perfume is made of a secret ingredient: the Iso E super molecule. Iso E super is not the nicest name for a molecule, right? But what’s important is what it smells like. This component smells very sweet, it could be compared to cedar. In general it is being used as a base for the perfume and then they add other scents to it. What make Escentric Molecule 01 so different is that it does not contain other molecules. Only this one. Simple right? Not that simple actually: Iso E super is very sensitive to the chemistry going on in the body so this molecule combined with body scent creates a new smell that is totally personal to each individual. This explains why some people love it while some others don’t.

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Reviews a

Escentric Molecules 01 does not hide your natural smell, it creates something new based on it. This person will bring you memories and feelings out and this what it aims at. Feel free to try it and see if you like it.