Exhibition on Pharmacy and cosmetics planned in Moscow


Pharmacy and cosmetic sciences have got an inter relationship. Needless to say both industries have often been associated together in the present context. This is in response to the growing concern and the need to make one look bright and gorgeous. The looks are seen as an important indicator of the personality of a person. It is to be understood that looks can be helpful in several ways and that looks are no more seen as a negative factor. Gone are the days when physical beauty assumed less significance. In the current context it occupies lot of importance though not numero uno priority.

People count on it as one of the decisive factor though they do not relay exclusively on this. Similarly it needs to be understood that this can prove to be a very important factor especially when other factors are absent or present in lesser and not in desirable quantities. Therefore it is only fair those things are dealt properly and that a decision should not solely impede on the personal attribute namely look. As a result there is lot off attention on the beauty component and several people have come forward to make it very important.

The impact of this on the cosmetic industry needs lots of analysis. There are not many people who will hesitate to consume medicine for the sake of improving their physique. What was seen as a taboo is now becoming a fashion. People are ready to spend any amount of money to improve their looks. Therefore one must keep in mind the fact that unless and otherwise there is not much importance for this it would not be possible for people to survive in the modern competitive world where looks are becoming next only to the first or the foremost factor before making an assessment. The pathetic fact is that people don’t bother even about their health in this context.

In this context and as per an official press release it is to be informed that a new exhibition will be conducted to create awareness on both these factors. This program will be held in Moscow from the 19th to 21st of April 2007 and it will involve several leading players from the industry drawn from various segments.