Facts to Come Face to face with Face Stockholm


Face Stockholm is a widely popular international brand of beauty products famous among women of all ages and social strata. Originally hailing from Sweden, the company still predominates in the European cosmetic market while outside Europe its presence is seen USA and Canada. Face Stockholm launches its beauty products annually through an assortment of winter, spring, summer and autumn collections.

The beginning days

The brand Face Stockholm was launched in the year 1982 in Sweden. Its founder Gun Nowak-an owner of 3 local salons, founded the first store in Stockholm when she was frustrated after not getting the right variety and colour of cosmetics matching contemporary fashion. Headquartered in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, the company then began its successful conquest of the cosmetic market and spread throughout Europe in the ensuing three decades and also made its magic felt worldwide.Face Stockholm 2

Makeup and Body care

The brand of Face Stockholm specializes in the field of makeup products. Their expertise in this field is so unparalleled that even professional artists, makeup specialists and beauty experts use and recommend Face Stockholm on a large scale. Moreover, their field of specialization doesn’t just end with cosmetics but they have also excelled in producing top notch body care and skin care products which are sold in millions of units worldwide to women ranging from teens to the aged.

Products and Collections

Launching their annual production line as distinguished and unique seasonal collections, Face Stockholm can be compared to any of the leading cosmetic lines in the world in terms of authentic standards and fashion norms. The seasonal collections are always in resonance with the mood and nature of the season as always has been in vogue. Their collections range from makeup products for the lips, eyes, face, nails to various body and skin care products. Not only these, they also deal in state of the art high quality brushes, tools and magic makeup. Of late, they have also ventured into the field of bags and cases, eyewear and gifts which truly glorify and aptly supplement its cosmetic range which enhances the beauty of any woman in every possible way.

Makeup Schools by Face Stockholm

Besides conquering the hearts and the dressing cabinets of millions of women, Face Stockholm have also forayed into the field of teaching young aspirants passionate about fashion, cosmetics and makeup, a few secret tricks and tips. This will assist them to further glorify and spread the goodwill of the entire organization as one of the greatest evolution experts of contemporary fashion and cosmetic world. This commendable work of setting up teaching schools across Europe and North America has helped many enthusiasts learn many a thing about makeup and its associated beauty while giving the brand to carry on with this technical good work which started in a modest way in the early salons of Gun Nowak.

Why use Face Stockholm?

It can be said that Face Stockholm is one of the most recommended lines of beauty products in the modern day due to its unique variety, class, character and elegance of products. They are a class apart from others being only among a few who have never compromised on the quality of products. The sheer dominance and worldwide presence of Face Stockholm products coupled with their evergreen appeal makes it a brand to go for, for the entire womankind.