Fight Wrinkles Using Aloe Vera Gel


Who of us wants to get old? Even if we were fastidious in taking care of our skin, the aging process creeps up on us and wrinkles become a part of our genetic makeup. What can aloe vera gel do for you? Stimulate new cell growth. The interior gel from an aloe vera plant increases the production of the fibroblast cells at a faster than normal pace when skins cells are being reproduced.

These fibroblast cells produce collagen, the skin’s support protein. As we age, the skin’s collagen is not quite perfect and the wrinkles formed will become deeper. Aloe improves the fibroblast cell’s accuracy and also speeds up the process of making collagen. This “softens” the appearance of wrinkles.

Polysaccharides make up the gel found in aloe vera and this may contribute to the reorganization of epidermal cells located in the skin’s thin protective surface. Aging causes these cells to become loose which allow water and moisture to “escape” thereby not allowing skin cells to mature properly. Dirt, bacteria and other unclean microorganisms enter, causing scaly skin.

Epidermal cells will need to tighten up giving complexions a more youthful looking skin and the protective covering keeps moisture within the layers.

With burned skin, severe dryness is a factor that needs to be dealt with. In burn centers, aloe vera works well with individuals who have been badly burned. The aloe vera gel penetrates the skin far more efficient than water does. This seems odd as aloe vera gel is comprised of 99.5% water. An ingredient must give aloe vera the unique ability to penetrate the skins layers faster than water.

Aloe vera is very soothing on any damaged skin. Cuts, scrapes, burns and bug bites react immediately when aloe vera is applied. Even acne responds positively to the application of aloe vera gel. Acne is brought on my inflamed pores which produce swelling, irritation, pimples and pustules. The claming and healing benefits of aloe vera minimizes the physical symptoms as well as improves a person’s over general well being, both physically and mentally.

Our skin is the largest organ on our body and the one we easily can see. It is not the only organ that needs tender loving care. Inside of our bodies also need care and by using Aloeride® internally, we can learn to take the best possible care of ourselves as we age.

Not only are wrinkles softened with the use of aloe vera gel, taking aloe vera juice internally encourages the body to health which in turn creates healthy skin layers and offers protection against numerous free radicals.

Posted On:  April 27, 2016
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