Heal Burns and Cuts Faster with a Healthy Dose of Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera, often called a “miracle plant,” has been around for many centuries. Today it is as popular as it ever was for a plethora of reasons. Aloe Vera works wonders when it comes to treating burns (including sunburns), skin abrasions, cuts, lesions and scrapes thanks to its keen ability to soothe, hydrate and heal the skin, as well as its antibacterial properties.

It is recommended that Aloe Vera should be consumed both orally as well as applied directly to the skin. This helps to reduce the worry over the formation of scars at the site of the wound and it also improves the feel as well as the look of the skin.

Drinking Aloe Vera can help strengthen the skin from the inside out and can facilitate the healing of burns and cuts even faster. When consumed, Aloe Vera increases the stability of a skin wound while at the same time it also increases the content of collagen that is being produced. Taken together, this makes it possible for a wound to heal at a swift rate.

One of the downsides to Aloe Vera is that much of the plant when produced in commercial form contains a laxative. In order not to have to worry about the laxative side of Aloe Vera, you should purchase the Aloe Vera pill called Aloeride. Aloeride is manufactured with all of the benefits of the Aloe Vera plant but it contains no laxative whatsoever. Aloeride has no side effects and you do not have to worry about any drug interactions.

Aloe Vera as Burn Salve

Aloe Vera has come to be known as the “burn plant” because it is so useful when a burn occurs. The gel is best used when taken directly from the plant. It is wisest to cut off a leaf of the plant, wash it and then cut it lengthwise. Then you can pinch or squeeze the clear gel out of the leaf and apply it to the wound.

Aloe Vera gel is particularly beneficial in the case of a first-degree burn as well as first-degree sunburns. It can also relieve the symptoms of some minor second-degree burns. The gel should be applied to a burn after the area has had time to cool off. Aloe Vera will lessen the pain and inflammation that results from the burn and it will kick the healing process into high gear.

The clear gel of the Aloe Vera plant provides a protective layer over the affected skin and helps to encourage rapid healing while keeping the risk of infection at bay. If you get burned, apply Aloe Vera two to three times throughout the course of a day.

Aloe Vera for Cuts and Scrapes

Minor skin wounds, as well as cuts, scrapes and abrasions can be helped along by way of an application of Aloe Vera. The gel of the plant contains a number of microbial agents as well as active components that help to relieve pain and discomfort, not to mention reduce swelling. Aloe Vera also decreases the itching that often accompanies a small skin wound and it increases blood flow to the area. These things can all lead to a smoother healing process for the skin.

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