How Ama Creates Menopausal Symptoms


As we’ve seen in Victoria’s case, when ama clogs the tissues and blocks their microscopic transportation channels, hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms become more severe. According to Vedic medicine, when tissues are clogged, it is more difficult for heat to dissipate from the body, a possible explanation for this increase in sudden heat flushes. This same phenomenon occurs in a room when you have a heater on and all the windows and doors closed. To cool the room off, first you turn down the heater (as in pacifying pitta) and then throw open the windows and doors (as in clearing the tissues of channel-obstructing ama) so the heat can flow out.

When we don’t throw open the doors and windows to permit wastes and impurities to leave our bodies, not only do stubborn menopausal symptoms like hot flashes persist, but eventually the gunk of ama starts to back up into even larger of channels, such the arteries and veins, causing heart disease for one, the number one killer of women.

This makes it even more important to get serious about ama-removal, which will not only help relieve your menopausal symptoms but also help you avoid possible long-term complications of menopause.

Ama And Your Hormones

The clogging of your circulatory channels with ama not only sets you up for disease, but stops your body’s own natural hormones from being delivered to their target sites.

You may recall how your body is not devoid of estrogen after menopause. There is a natural compensatory adjustment that occurs that continues to provide low but important levels of estrogen production even after your periods stop. You may also recall how your hormones enter your cells via the tiny receptor sites which act as a keyhole for the hormone “key”, unlocking the door and giving the hormone access to your cell’s’ DNA. It’s in this interaction of hormone and DNA that allows estrogen to communicate its important messages to your body and ensure smooth functioning without symptoms.

When there is too much toxic waste, or ama, in your tissues, it can block the interaction of the hormone with the cell. When the hormone hits the cell, looking for entry and attachment to the DNA, it cannot interact if the “keyhole” is choked with debris from accumulated waste. When this is the case, you can have adequate levels of hormones—either your own, or from HRT—and still get symptoms such as hot flashes or sleep disturbance. Eliminating this cellular junk is essential to improving our own natural hormonal function and eliminating the symptoms of menopause in a truly natural way without taking HRT.

Clogging ama can prevent your already diminished supply of estrogen at menopause from getting to such important tissues and organsm, such as the brain, the vagina, the skin, the colon, and the hypothalamus (your body’s heat-controlling “thermostat”). The relatively few and precious molecules of estrogen that your body is still making after menopause may be unable to provide their much-needed effects to your tissues, even though your body is dutifully trying to deliver them!

This explains why some women continue to have hot flashes in spite of taking HRT, or every estrogenic herb they can get their hands on (as in Marilyn’s story below)—because the delivery routes and doorways are choked with gunk that bocks all passage. It may also explain why many women experience dramatic improvements in their estrogen-related symptoms after following the internal cleansing procedures of MVM to remove ama from their bodies, procedures I will be describing in the next chapter..

The story of my patient Marilyn L illustrates how clearing ama from your cells, tissues and organs can make your body’s own hormones to be more effective in doing their job, as well as any supplemental hormone, natural or synthetic, you might be taking to boost your supply.