How Can Aloe Vera Gel Help Me?


Aloe vera gel is a highly beneficial topical solution used to relieve multiple symptoms of various conditions of the skin. Made possible by the naturally growing Aloe plant, aloe vera solution has proven to provide instant relief to skin irritations.

Interestingly enough, the same irritation that is cured by the soothing power of aloe is the same condition of the substance that protects the gel that lives quietly deep inside the aloe leaves. The outside ‘shell’ of the aloe plant consists of a highly irritable substance. This is natures way of protecting the power within from natural predators. The chemical is as distasteful to the tongue as it is irritating to the skin.

So what are some of the ways that aloe vera can help you?


A sunburn is a laceration to the skin. No matter how minor, continuous sunburning can lead to severe health risks. Aloe vera provides vital nutrients to your skin that help with the reparation of damaged cells. Not only is there a replenishment of crucial moisture, the intense pain of a sunburn can be relieved by the application of aloe vera gel.

Physical burn

Aloe vera is used commonly to help with the pain of a burn from something like a small fire or oven range. As with a sunburn, the gentle ointment relieves the pain of burning and helps promote quicker healing of the burnt tissue.

Insect Bites

Insect bites can itch, sting, and sometimes even become infected. Early application of aloe vera helps to prevent infection.

Additionally, it relieves the itching and irritation that is associated with various insect bites.

Open Wounds

An open wound can present grave opportunity for bacterial infections to consume your infected area, as well as your entire body in some cases. Whether you are applying aloe vera to a minor wound, or using it for a healing surgery or recent trauma; it can help keep the area disinfected. Regular application from aloe also keeps the skin hydrated with all the right moisture without creating to much dampness on the would for it to heal.

Dry Skin

It is not only injuries and burns that are able to benefit from the healing power of aloe vera. It is used in many cases to heal dry skin, or to keep already healthy skin moisturized. The nutrients delivered to the skin from the use of aloe help keep optimum moisture, promoting healthier, more glowing skin.

Swelling Skin

When an area of your body swells, the body is creating a type of cushy band-aid to protect whatever internal damage has taken place. As a result, there is a blockage of naturally supplied nutrients from your bloodstream to your skin tissue. This can cause the skin the covers your swollen area to become dry and painful. Aloe vera helps to provide nutrients to the skin when it has been cut off of a natural means of circulation.

Aloe vera gel has many uses, and is widely available both online and in your local grocery store.

Posted On:  April 29, 2016
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