I Owe Everything to Plastic Surgery says Playboy Model Holly Madison


Holly Madison a former playboy model says getting plastic surgery has completely changed her life, as she attributes whatever so-called career success she has had to cosmetic surgery enhancements.

Madison, 29, better known for as being the girlfriend of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner for seven years, along with being on the hit reality show the Girls Next Door. But Madison claims that had it not been for her nose job and breast implants, she would never have become so famous.

“Plastic surgery made it easier for me to get things I wanted in my career,” says Madison. “Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It made me more confident. And a lot of doors open when you look a certain way.”

Holly, who had dated Hugh Hefner, 83, from 2001 to 2008, says being one of Hef’s harem at the Playboy Mansion made her extremely insecure. “Living with Hef brought down my self-esteem a lot,” Madison tells Life & Style. “I was comparing myself to the other girls. You have to look a certain way at the mansion.”

Holly’s entire Hollywood existence had been subsidized until last year by Playboy and Hef, as she is now currently starring in a topless burlesque show Peepshow at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now, as Holly approaches her 30th birthday, she is considering even more cosmetic surgery.

“I wouldn’t consider more surgery unless my body implodes after I have kids! And I’m scared of getting stuff [like Botox] put into my face,” she says. “It makes you look like you have a rubber mask on.”

“Beauty is truly on the inside. Looks don’t define you. They’re just a tool to get what you want.”, says Madison.

Posted On:  July 8, 2016
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