In The Eye of the Beholder


Evaluating Facial Beauty in the Area of Skin Care

I am a self-confessed beauty product junkie. Yes I am that girl who is preyed on by hundreds of advertisements of facial beauty products that every time some brand releases something new from their line, I am sure to snag it from the shelves the next time I am at the mall or grocery.

I try it, and if the product does not suit me, I store it in my cabinet and leave it for the bugs to use. I can not recall how many times my Mom (who is a dermatologist) has scolded me about this little habit of mine! Buying and trying, feeling happy or disappointed, storing or throwing afterwards. I end up going back to my trusty facial beauty products and vow not to be fooled again by over hyped product marketing. That is until the next advertisement is shown!

What I am trying to say here is that society has given such high regard for facial beauty that people, especially women, go gaga over the latest or much talked about products. Every year, facial beauty institutes like Clarins, Lancôme, and Ponds conduct extensive research on product innovations for the growing and changing needs in skin care, more notably facial skin care. I guess this could be attributed in fact to the changing lifestyles and added stressors of the modern century that when we say skin care, we are not just referring to cleansing, toning and moisturizing, but also to anti-acne, whitening and anti-aging products. While facial beauty is also evaluated based on the symmetry and harmony of the facial features, our opinions of who has beautiful face and who has not may vary. But across the world, having a skin that is well taken care of despite showing signs of aging is considered beautiful.

Assessing Beauty

We have that instinct inside us that tells us if what we are looking at is beautiful or not. Defining beauty by certain standards is quite complicated and our perception of attractiveness is extremely relative that we just resign to the saying that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Yes this may be true. But many people argue that beauty can actually be understood in a scientific language. Studies have shown that babies tend to stare longer at pictures of people who have been rated as more attractive than others. Facial beauty tests can be based on how symmetrical the facial features are and how well they conform to the “Divine Proportion”. In the area of skin care, facial beauty tests are performed by conducting skin analyses.

Facial beauty institutes give free skin analysis in order to assess the quality and skin condition of their clients. The results give them the basis of which products they should recommend for their customers to use and add to their skin care regimen. I find this feature very helpful for consumers because it will keep us from purchasing products that are not suited for out skin type. Rather than be tempted by the allure of different facial beauty products, experts in beauty institutes will ensure that you get the right product that complements your skin type be it dry, normal, oily, combination skin.

One such facial beauty institute is the Lancôme Facial Beauty Institute. Lancôme has developed a state-of-the-art technology called the Diagnôs Expert that measures the characteristics of the skin while following a systematic procedure in order to give their clients more personalized skin analysis. Their facial beauty testing starts by asking the clients about their current skin care routine that includes the products they use and application process. Next the expert compares the client’s skin to an average taken from women that are of the same profile as the client (meaning same origin and age-range). The expert then identifies the personalized skin care routine that is right for you and proceeds to explain the analysis. The branches of Lancôme Beauty Institute that offer the Diagnôs Expert Skin Analysis can be found all over the world in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and others where Lancôme has an established presence. For more information on th eir products and services you can check out Lancôme Paris’ website

Pamper Yourself and Use the Best Products

Usually, facial beauty institutes that have been in the industry for many years like Lancôme, Pond’s and Clarins, already have their own line of facial beauty products that they recommend to their clients after they undergo skin analysis. Whatever your skin condition may be, they have products that target your specific concerns. For instance, the Pond’s Institute in the Philippines has classified their skin care lines into four types: Anti-Aging, White Beauty, Flawless White and Oil Control. Each line has its own distinct features for the different needs of a woman’s skin. The anti-ageing skin care regimen promises younger looking skin in 7 days. Pond’s White Beauty combines Lycopene and Vitamin B3 that is designed to lighten skin with a pinkish glow. This is recommended for those with dull, tired-looking skin. Their Flawless White line on the other hand targets dark spots and blemishes and provides over-all skin lightening with their whitening technology that combines VAO-B*, Allantoin, Vitamin E and Niacinamide complex. Finally, the Oil Control line is made for those battling with acne and oily skin.

The products in the line contain salicylic acid, zinc minerals, and tea tree oil which are ingredients known to stop pimple breakouts.

If you plan to undergo a skin analysis, you can also avail of facial at the beauty spa in order to get the full-on pampered experience. Clarins Institute,, has a wide range of beauty treatments in their skin spa and facials are among what they offer. Known for their adherence to using botanical ingredients, some of their treatments include an Extra-Firming Youthful Treatment using the Vitamin-D enriched Hop plant from Bavaria. Skin will be restored to its youthful firmness and will become supple and smooth. They also have a Whitening spa facial using extracts from the Alchemilla plant from the Alps. The treatment will help fade dark spots and will regenerate the skin.

All these talk about facial beauty makes me want to book an appointment at my local spa right now! But as a final word, no matter what skin you were born with, facial beauty can be and will be attained if you put effort into taking care of it. We may always be children at heart but our skin won’t stay young forever. So start taking extra care of it and I am sure that your inner beauty will radiate from the inside.