Julianne Moore Thinks Cosmetic Surgery is Becoming The New Normal


Popular Hollywood actress Julianne Moore thinks that a lot of people are becoming so used to plastic surgery that they are starting to ‘lose track of what a real face is like.’

Moore insisted that her attitude toward cosmetic surgery is ‘live and let live’ – but she also addresses just how prevalent cosmetic plastic surgery has become in the world.

‘Let people do what they want to do, but I do think that a new normal sometimes starts to exist where the cosmetic surgery itself starts to look normal, and we lose track of what a real face is like,’ Moore tells Health magazine.

Moore adds: ‘Some of those procedures that make you look younger – I don’t know that they really made anybody look younger. I think most of the time they made you look like you’ve had something done to your face.’

Moore also admitted that she never feels confident when attending red carpet events.

‘I never feel confident!’ she said. ‘I don’t know that there’s anybody who does. I mean, you don’t look around the red carpet thinking, ‘There’s a lot of confident people out here.”

When told that she looks amazing, Moore joked: ‘The big thing about being 50 is the bar is much lower. People are like, ‘Oh my God, you look great!’ So that’s sort of good.’

As the entire cosmetic plastic surgery industry continues to grow, along with the Hollywood starlets opting for cosmetic surgery procedures, so grows the appetite of the consumer public, and notably with the youth in America. If you are considering undergoing a cosmetic enhancement, you should consult with numerous qualified professionals before making a most likely, life-altering decision.

Posted On:  July 10, 2016
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