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A Look at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Industry
“Tell me what you don’t like about yourself”

This is one of the most famous quotes said on the American drama “Nip/Tuck”, a controversial TV show about plastic surgery procedures and the personal lives of the plastic surgeons.

With the emergence of other programs such as the reality shows “Extreme Makeover Perth” and “The Swan” which both center on cosmetic plastic surgery procedures that alter the appearances of women across the United States, it seems that indeed many people have been asking themselves this question: “What don’t I like about myself?”

In their defense, some people who undergo plastic surgery will say that it’s not so much as finding that there is something terribly wrong with their looks. But if you had the freedom and the money to improve yourself, wouldn’t you seize the opportunity? People who are against cosmetic plastic surgery reason that everyone should be contented with the physical attributes they were born with. But let’s be real: money is a behavior altering substance. When Hollywood is churning out “perfect” public figures day by day, as proven by tabloid photos of the stars, the trend has gradually spread like wildfire amongst those who look up to these stars for inspiration.

Perfect breasts, a small waist, a high-bridged nose and wrinkle-free skin are among the items on the checklist of those who covet the best plastic surgery procedures. The pursuit of physical perfection has put pressure on celebrities and ordinary people alike, and a cosmetic procedure done by top plastic surgeons has become a holy grail for many women who desire to enhance or eliminate any part of their bodies. The fixation with ideal body measurements has sent teenage girls and mothers alike to plastic surgery institutes in order to go under the knife and attain their physical best.

Numbers Don’t Lie!

While cosmetic surgery procedures have decreased in number during the economic recession, the figures are still somewhat surprising. The reality is that despite the belt-tightening on expenses, women and men still managed to squeeze in cosmetic procedures in their budgets and had surgery performed on themselves. According to Medic8, the top surgery procedures are breast augmentation or enlargement on the first spot, followed by breast lift, breast reduction, face or neck lift, and eyelid lift. Rounding up the top 10 are nose reshaping, chin augmentation, brow lift, liposuction, and tummy tuck.

Plastic surgery statistics that were released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for the year of 2008 revealed that over 10 million surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures were done for the year, 17% of which are surgical procedures. Also according to plastic surgery statistics, liposuction is no longer the most popular surgical procedure of that year. While it was the most common procedure on men with 31,453 cases, overall it was beaten by breast augmentation with 355,671 operations recorded in 2008. Women accounted for 92 percent of cosmetic procedures.

“For the first time in the twelve years these statistics have been collected liposuction is a runner up in popularity to breast augmentation. There is no doubt that this turnabout will generate discussions in the medical community and the public at large,& Alan Gold, MD, Aesthetic Society president, reflects that “changes in fashion, i.e. d├ęcolletage baring styles, might be a factor behind this change.” The overall number of procedures has increased by 162 percent since the collection of statistics began in 1997.

Plastic surgery statistic also showed that the industry has slowly tapped a younger market, with 2% of the total number of procedures being done on teenagers aged 18 and under, and the most common operation being rhinoplasty or nose lift. The 35-50 age bracket accounted for the highest percentage of procedures at 45% or 4.6 million cases in total. For full statistical data on 2008 and past years, visit

Don’t Forget Your Peepers!

While there are celebrities out there who have had pretty successful albeit still noticeable cosmetic plastic surgeries, there are quite a number of them who weren’t as lucky. It’s actually sad to think that those who only want to make themselves more beautiful have become the topic of surgeries gone wrong and bad plastic surgery jokes that there are even websites dedicated to showing pictures and criticizing the failure of the surgical procedures. Yet these traumatizing images do not prevent the industry from raking in revenue as many people still troop to plastic surgery institutes in the United States and in other countries.

If anyone is considering having cosmetic plastic surgery done on any part of the body, I believe it is always best to take time in assessing the pros and cons of the procedures. When they have already decided to take the leap, they shouldn’t just go to the first surgeon they come across. It is quite disheartening to note that even celebrities who have lots of money to pay the top plastic surgeons end up having botched surgeries. In a way plastic surgeries can be likened to gambling. Lucky for patients if they get it right the first time – they win. But if the results come out all wrong, they would want to make it right again, which is a risk since a second procedure could only worsen the appearance of the first failure.

Some plastic surgeons are associated with organizations. It is very important to do the necessary research in order for people to end up in the skillful hands of a top plastic surgeon. Some of the most well known organizations of surgery specialists are the American Association of Plastic Surgeons (AAPS), the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), and the abovementioned American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). A person who is looking for a reputable doctor can confirm the membership of any surgeon he happens to come across by checking with the list of members in their respective websites.

Aside from this method of research, they can also ask their family physician for any recommendation, contact the local state and medical agencies for a list of qualified plastic surgeons or ask a close friend or family member for any referrals. In choosing plastic surgeons, one should never rush. Cosmetic plastic surgeries are considered very delicate procedures and people should rightly place their trust in top surgeons so that they will obtain the best plastic surgery available for them. In the end, people just want to look their best and if they utilize their time and money wisely, they can attain the ultimate version of themselves that they yearn to have.