Milk Versus Zits: The Diet Controversy


Every other magazine has an expert dietitian talking about the best diets suggested. Invariably, a page in the same magazine has a column dedicated to either research or a belief that negates the dietitian’s comments. This is not simply an attempt to confuse readers. There are simply too many notions favoring and countering a specific diet ideology. The effects are also apparent on skin-related issues like zits. The latest controversy is on this question: Is milk bad for zits?

Is Milk Bad For Zits

For ages, one thing has been certain: a good diet can help eliminate all skin-related issues. However, all loyalists to this theory had a different definition of the term “good diet.” Milk was included in the majority of the preferred diets. Recently, though, studies tend to deviate from those strong beliefs, again fueling the debate asking as to whether milk is bad for zits.

The argument labeling milk as bad for zits is that milk contains bioactive molecules that worsen the situation. Iodine, present in milk, is also considered as a catalyst in triggering acne.

The Safe Path

Whatever be the arguments, there is nothing concrete either way to determine whether milk is bad for zits. The safest approach, then, is to avoid dairy products for a few days and see the impact on acne-related problems. The wisest course of action is to follow the path as indicated by your skin situation thereafter.

Posted On:  July 16, 2016
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