Molecule 1 – What Does This Perfume Smell Like?


All fragrances available in the market are advertised as special and innovative, but this can be said only for a few ones. Molecule 1 from Escentric Molecules certainly deserves to be called innovative and even futuristic. It was created by one of the leaders of the minimalism movement in perfumery – perfumer Geza Schoen. It is natural to ask yourself what this special fragrance smells like.

If you spray Molecule 1 on paper, you will not smell any particular scent. You may even start suspecting that you have sprayed water on the paper. However, the situation is very different when the perfume is sprayed on the skin.

The scent feels natural, warm and fresh. Some users of the perfume describe it as predominantly woody while others say that musk is the strongest and longest lasting note that they can feel. There are those who smell amber and feel that this accord is the most notable one.

There are wearers of the Molecule 1 perfume who say that its scent is wild and exciting. They describe it shortly as animal-like. Some users share that they find the scent to be powdery and playful.

These are just a few of the fragrance descriptions provided by users. You would certainly ask why they are so different. The answer is simple – the perfume smells different on everyone. It actually has a single aromatic ingredient – an organic molecule called Iso E Super. This molecule changes its structure when it is exposed to the heat of the skin and to the pheromones naturally produced by the body. As a result, the scent is unique for each and every wearer. This makes the perfume suitable for any person irrespective of their gender, age and personal taste.Molecule 2

Are you curious to find out how Molecule 1 smells on you? You will be surprised and charmed. You will certainly fall in love with this fragrance.