Mother-Daughter Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedures are on the Rise


Sometimes when a mother desires a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure such as a nose job, breast enlargement, or liposuction, her daughter will too. According to a recent report, Mother-Daughter plastic surgery is growing.

The Mother-Daughter cosmetic makeovers, such as the recent facelift and nose job famous supermodel Christie Brinkley and her daughter Alexa Ray Joel reportedly underwent last month together, are only gaining in popularity, although there are no hard statistics to prove the trend currently.

From sagging skin, tiny boobs, big noses, and big bellies, these traits are often inherited. So, if a mother is unhappy with her appearance, it is highly likely that her daughter will be as well with hers.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Yager said,“I had a mother and daughter come in on the same day, where mom got a neck lift and daughter got liposuction of her neck.”

The issue that arises is when a mother’s dissatisfaction with her own body causes issues with her own daughter’s self-esteem. In some cases, a competitive relationship prompts a daughter or mother to undergo a certain plastic surgery procedure or multiple procedures.

“I had a mom in her 40s bring in her 20-year-old daughter and was saying, ‘My daughter wants lipo and her leg veins treated’ and the daughter didn’t look like she wanted any of that. That was an unhealthy dynamic and I declined to treat her,” said Dr. Hema Sundaram, a Washington, D.C., dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon.

America, well known for being an overly socially cultured obsessed society with personal image and appearances, especially with women. From young girls, to teens, to older women, many often feel tremendous psychological pressures on them to conform to the society around them.

Many would argue that parents should be teaching their children to accept their appearance and their so-called “flaws,” yet living in an evolving society where cosmetic plastic surgery is forecast to become one of the largest household expenses, next to food in the coming decade, these parents teachings may do nothing to change their child’s perception.

Confidence and self-esteem comes from within, yet many children and young adults will struggle to find this peace with thy self, due to others in their society that look down on and make fun of them on a constant basis, while continually reminding and pointing out the person’s flaws, rather than their strengths.

Has the mother-daughter plastic surgery trend gone too far yet? Maybe so, or maybe not? Although, it may be trending a bit, it doesn’t mean it will become the society norm. However, we will continue to monitor and report all over the coming months.

Posted On:  July 18, 2016
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