Natural Skin Care Products – Promising Organic Products to Aid in Good Skincare


Discover the value of natural skin care products that go a long way to solving the irritating problems of oily, dry and sensitive skin as well as other less common conditions such as rashes, blemishes or brown spots.

Consumers are turning to wholesome and therapeutic elements found in Mother Nature that limit damage from the sun and slow the process of aging. We are becoming aware of the potentially harmful effects associated with the long term use of synthetic chemicals found in many formulas.

To name a few – 1,4-dioxane a cancer causing contaminant found in cosmetic products; silicone emollients which coat the skin and trap anything beneath it – not allowing the skin to breathe; formaldehyde, cancer-causing vapor that can cause allergies, irritations to eyes, nose and throat, headaches and chronic fatigue.

Essential Care Provided by Herbs and Organics

Rosacea, an inflammation and reddening on facial areas, can be helped by a remedy called Eminence Couperose-C which is made from such natural ingredients as rosehip, quince apple, honey and vitamin C. A thin layer is applied to cleansed skin and massaged in a circular motion. This is excellent for skin that is sensitive as well.

The problem of eczema can be addressed with specific ingredients such as aloe vera which provides soothing, cleansing and healing.

This “miracle” plant dates back to the time of Cleopatra but was lost for years. It was rediscovered during the Second World War when it was used for treating burn victims. A great idea in using natural formulas is the DIY (do-it-yourself).

DIY Care

To prepare an aloe vera home recipe, take the slippery part from inside the plant, puree in a blender and keep refrigerated. Apply a coat of the gel for 5 minutes and rinse. Over time watch for spots, acne and scars to disappear. Kitchen Cosmetics offers many recipes using fruits, vegetables and oils.

Using Everyday Natural Items

Organic body care was introduced to meet the needs of environmentally conscious consumers and has now turned into big business. This skin care contains no harsh preservatives or parabens (para-hydroxybenzoic acids) that can mimic estrogen.

Enjoy the benefits of natural items manufactured from beeswax, carrot seed oil, and organically based vitamin C. You will have clear, healthy skin without having to use chemicals.

Both men’s and women’s lines are offered with detailed description of their formulas, recommended uses and applications for treatment. A woman will benefit from a gentler product than what a man needs.

Men and Women are Different in their Needs

Men’s skin has some unique characteristics that make using a woman’s facial product an unwise practice. His skin is thicker making it tougher and somewhat more elastic. The glands in men’s skin produce more oil than women’s, giving them more “natural” moisture.

Because of such differences as these, it’s clear that there are different health needs. However, until recently men’s products have been limited. L’Oreal’s Men’s Expert has created an anti aging product that contains an Active Defence System (ADS), a powerful combination of active ingredients that will both increase resiliency and help protect against irritation from shaving.

Also included in the Expert line is Power Clean, a face wash that deep-cleans without drying; Oil Controller, an anti-shine moisturizer that takes care of oils and soothes razor burn (is designed for teenagers and young adults); and Vita Lift, an anti-wrinkle, firming moisturizer that recovers elasticity for the 40 plus man.

Name Brands Offer Herbal Formulas

Clinique offers a rapid recovery cream that promotes healing for blemishes. Mary Kay and Burt’s Bees also uses natural ingredients in their lotions and creams to bring relief to itchy rashes.

Quality Skincare

Tanning products are sold with common anti-oxidants such as Vitamins A, C, E, and beta carotene that help with the repair and strengthening of blood vessels. Natural proteins and skin structure are weakened by a chain reaction with oxygen that produces free radical waste products. Antioxidants are necessary to combat these free radicals to protect from the sun’s harmful UV rays and fight against premature aging.

Good Care at Great Prices

Comparison shop and find savings and specials on beauty supplies and cosmetics. Samples of advertised products can often be mailed to you once you sign up with name and address. Oil of Olay offers an interactive site to determine your skin type and coloring and then will send the sample that best suits your requirements.

Enjoy the Feeling of Good Health

Pamper yourself or that someone special in your life with a soothing herbal product. Enjoy the best of health – a glowing skin reflects a healthy body.