Predicting Hair Loss


Am I going to go bald? This is a question that most men will ask themselves repeatedly as they get older. There’s a whole host of, mostly inaccurate, rules and tests for men to give themselves to predict the onset of male pattern baldness (MPB). So what’s the best way of predicting whether or not you’ll be battling a receding hairline?

One of the oldest, and most revered, rules for predicting baldness is the maternal grandfather test. It’s believed that most men will see hair loss that is similar to that experienced by their mother’s father. But this test is flawed at best. There is a slight connection between your mother and thinning hair because the most common genetic components for MPB come from the X chromosome, which comes from the mother.

But MPB can also be passed on from the father’s side as well. If every guy on your dad’s side of the family is bald by thirty and using a hair loss product, that’s a pretty predictor.
For most men, the onset of MPB will be noticeable by the age of 27. There are a few extraneous factors, such as chemotherapy, that can influence hair loss, but you make it to thirty with no MPB, you’re probably off the hook.