Preparing Your Herbal Water


Your herbal water must be freshly made each day. Use only whole seed, “tea cut” size pieces, or small chunk form (except manjistha, stevia and turmeric, which are powders). For dried flowers, use only food grade flowers, and only the petal part of the flower, without stem or leaves.

Boil 1 quart of water for 5 minutes. Pour into a thermal container, preferably one that is portable. Then add your recommended herbs. Please be careful not to boil the herbs in the water so that the delicate bioactive ingredients, including aromatic components, of the herbal water are preserved and do not evaporate. Tighten the lid on the thermal flask and allow to steep for at least 15 minutes. Now your herbal water is ready for drinking.

Instructions for Drinking. Drink your herbal water throughout the day. Pour 1/2 to 1 cup of your herbal water into a glass and allow to cool to lukewarm or room temperature before drinking. (Most thermal containers have a screw-on lid that pours when it is partially opened. This automatically strains most of the herbs. otherwise, you may pour it of the thermal container through a tea strainer before drinking, or use a stainless steel tea “ball” for the herbs before you put them in the water.)

Please simply drink the liquid portion and do not eat the herbs themselves. The water-soluble fraction of the herbs is therapeutic, but the other components of the whole herb may be aggravating to your body. You may drink other water and beverages during the day according to your thirst and desire, but be sure to drink all your herbal water by the end of the day.

Start with the following herbs and spices as the base for your herbal water Then refer below to the tissue(s) or wastes you have ama in your quizzes and add the specific ingredients recommended for that tissue(s) to complete your individualized herbal water recipe.

cumin 1/4 tsp.
coriander 1/4/ tsp.
fennel 1/4 tsp.