Purifying Your Tissues Rakta


Red Blood Cells (Rakta). Rakta refers to the red blood cells and bile, which is composed largely of the break-down products of red blood cells.

Symptoms of Disturbed Rakta: Hot flashes or frequently feeling hot; very heavy bleeding or “flooding;” skin rashes, acne, pustules, hives; gallstones; ovarian tumor (blood-filled or “endometrioma”); always feeling thirsty.
Factors That Cause Rakta Disturbance. Rakta is most easily disturbed by the types of foods you eat, as well as your emotional life. Very acidic foods (tomatoes, fermented foods,) or very alkaline foods (leavened with baking soda) and toxins (alcohol, nicotine, drugs, chemicals) will aggravate rakta, as will frequent anger or frustration.

If your rakta is disturbed, avoid these specific causative factors: Fasting; eating hot spicy or very salty foods; vinegar (in condiments and salad dressings); caffeine; any unnatural food additives or contaminants like artificial coloring or flavors, preservatives, MSG, and pesticides; violence, watching violent movies or news shows; going to bed late (after 10 PM); alcoholic beverages; “recreational” drugs and marijuana; fermented foods including sourdough breads, soy sauce; aged cheeses including parmesan and feta; exposure to toxins including many household cleaning products, over-the-counter pain killers, allergy medicine, many prescription drugs.

Lifestyle and Dietary Tips to Resolve Symptoms Due Rakta. To purify and balance rakta, a diet of more neutral tastes (not excessively spicy, sour or salty) with plenty of pure water, sweet juicy fruits and vegetables is necessary. Also, cultivating a more forgiving and tolerant state of mind through meditation and plenty of outdoor exercise is advisable.

Follow these tips to resolve rakta symptoms: Never skip or delay your meals; eat 1-2 sweet juicy fruits each day; eat plenty of squashes, zucchini, cucumbers, fresh cilantro, and beets; include rose petal jam or rosewater in your daily diet (1 tsp. rose petal jam on toast or 2 tsp. rosewater in lassi or warm milk, for example); drink 1/4 cup of aloe vera juice daily; drink fresh organic carrot juice once or twice a week (add a dash of black pepper or juice with two thin slices of fresh ginger root for ama-free digestion); eat some raisins each day (soak in warm water until soft, or cook) with hot cereal, stewed fruit or vegetables for better digestion).