Purifying Your Tissues Rasa


Below is a list of the seven fundamentals dhatus or tissues described by Vedic medicine. I have included a description of the symptoms you are likely to experience if the dhatu is clogged with ama, the general and specific factors which are likely to disturb the dhatu, and how you can best purify and rebalance the dhatu with dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

1. Blood Plasma (Rasa). Rasa is the clear, plasma portion of your blood (the clear fluid that is left if the red blood cells are removed) that carries nutrients absorbed from your intestines to your entire body. There is a special connection between rasa and the skin, mucus membranes, breasts, uterus and ovaries. Thus, these organs are commonly affected if rasa is disturbed.

Symptoms of Rasa Disturbance. If your rasa is polluted by undigested food particles, wastes or other forms of ama, you may be experiencing some of the following symptoms or conditions: very dry skin, mild or occasional vaginal dryness, tendency for mucus and respiratory congestion, fluctuating energy levels, ovarian cyst or fluid-filled breast cyst.

Factors That Cause Rasa Disturbance. Rasa is most easily disturbed by factors that affect the overall strength of your digestion, including improper eating habits as well as mental stress, late nights and an irregular schedule. If your rasa is disturbed, avoid these possible causative factors: Fasting; irregular meals; not drinking enough water; staying up late at night; not getting enough sleep; frequently eating dried foods, such as chips, crackers, popcorn, dry cereals; excess salt; eating when not hungry or before previous meal is fully digested; overeating; poor breathing habits (breathing shallowly and holding the breath when stressed); mental stress, worry, and fear.

Specific Lifestyle and Dietary Tips to Resolve Symptoms Due to Rasa. To rebalance rasa, rehydration of the body is necessary, with plenty of pure water, juicy fruits and vegetables. These help to build up and nourish the clear part of your blood, as well as purifying it. Follow these tips to resolve rasa symptoms: Eat 1-2 sweet juicy fruits per day; drink plenty of pure, room temperature water; don’t delay or skip your meals; do not eat in between meals or overeat; do not eat when not hungry; give yourself an oil massage each day.