Revitalize with Good Anti Aging Skin Care


Anti Aging Skin Care – Desire That Youthful Look – Revitalize with Good Anti Aging Skin Care

Want to erase some of those age lines and feel good about yourself? Anti-aging skin care products are available to get the results you want.

Aging Is Inevitable

When collagen, a constituent forming 75% of the skin, hardens it can no longer hold water to plump itself up. It collapses and binds with other collagen fibers to form a mesh just under the skin’s surface – and that is what causes those unwanted wrinkles.

Take Precautions When Going Outside

Sun damage comes from unprotected contact with the sun – it can happen on shady, cloudy days as well as sunny days. Watch out for short UVB rays that cause burns as well as long UVA rays that penetrate the skin, resulting in early aging and possible cancer.

Outside Factors

Pollutants, harsh soaps, and cleaning products made from chemicals start some of our skin troubles. You can stop some of the external problems by learning about the anti aging care products that are available.

Some Solutions

Be aware that Sunblockers give protection only against the UVB’s. It is important that you look for products containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide or avobenzone known as Parsol 1789. The SPF (sunscreen protection factor) in sunscreen is frequently misunderstood; many people think that an SPF 30 offers double the protection of an SPF 15. Not so. While it is important to have at least a SPF reading over 15, do be vigilant in also checking the ingredients. For children it is better that their product not contain avebenzone which can be irritating to their skin.

Neutrogena’s UVA/UVB Sunblock Lotion contains avobenzone and is fragrance and oil-free. Mexitan Dark Tanning Oil,. Mexitan Dark Tanning Oil and Mexitan All Natural SPF 8 Sunscreen have no chemicals and contain green tea which is a powerful antioxidant.

NuCelle Mandelic Moisturizer SPF17 contains PARSOL 1789. This provides a shield against the longer wavelengths (UVA1) believed to set off deeper dermal damage and wrinkling.

DDF EPF Moisturizer C3 SPF 15 is a Vitamin C formulation to protect against external aggressors that produce premature signs of aging. It reinforces the skin’s protective ability while restoring moisture and enhancing suppleness. The SPF 15 is for full spectrum sun protection.

Complete by Revitol is an anti aging solution which helps you look younger by reducing the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines. It includes Vitamin A and E, edelweiss extract and shea butter. These ingredients firm, hydrate and tighten facial skin.

Regenocol by Nutriteck uses a formula of aloe vera, vitamins and botanicals that help reduce age-lines. TYK’s Purity – Absolute Protective Cleansing Gel strengthens the skin to repair itself. Is designed for all ages and advertises itself as the first step in care to defend against aging at all stages. DermaLogics Rejuvinol is a unique nutrient-rich product that nourishes tones and rehydrates for a firmer, more resilient skin.