Revolutionize Your Beauty with Revlon


Revlon is one of the largest and most popular cosmetic companies in the world. The core of the products includes its own line of Revlon make-up, Revlon cosmetic skin care and other hair and beauty care products. The goal of the company is to provide its clients the best affordable products in the market.

History of Revlon

Revlon make-up products started in 1932 during the time of the Great Depression. The two Revson brothers conceptualized the idea of pigments in nail polish. Instead of the regular dyes, the new formula lasts longer and allows wider color range. To perfect their formula, they tied up with the Chemist Charles Lacman. With the surname of the Revson and the adaptation of the “L” of the chemist partner, the company’s name became Revlon. From its initial vision, the Revlon cosmetics turned into a multimillion company in the short 6-year span.

From the initial innovative nail polish, Revlon started to create other cosmetic products. Manicure set and nail scissors followed the launching of the nail polish. Few years after, they introduced their version of lipsticks using their own pigments instead of the traditional dyes. From then on, Revlon further its introduction of other health and skin care products like diabetes drugs, food supplements and even sportswear. Although, there have been history of unsuccessful business, the company now is an established name in beauty products.


Revlon products are very popular among women. They have all types of beauty and skin care lines, cosmetics, fragrance and personal care products. Revlon make-up products enhance any woman’s natural beauty.


From their wide collection of lip products, you will definitely discover your perfect lip look. The lip liners go well with its lipsticks. From the velvet matte to glossy lips, Revlon cosmetic gives you noticeable and kissable lips. If you have problem with cracked lips, the Revlon lip-gloss is the solution.


For your sensitive skin, Revlon cosmetic has everything for you. From the Revlon foundation, to powder, blush and concealer, the cosmetic company gives you innumerable choices to match your natural skin color. The Revlon foundation comes in the new color stay new mineral make-up that gives you a flawless matte look. The foundation is completely undetectable and stays for up to 16 hours. The original formula offers a perfectly even-toned skin. Revlon foundation also comes in the revolutionary age defying creams. The Revlon foundation revitalizes your skin for a more radiant and wrinkle-free coverage. The product reduces fine lines and in a matter of 2 weeks, you get a dramatically younger looking skin.

Revlon’s blush is a product of the new baked powder technology that provides you with a silky and natural blush that last from day work to night party. The bush set comes with a brush and a mirror. For your skin blemishes, the Revlon concealer is the best product to invest. The gentle formula actively heals and conceals blemishes. The superior coverage is longer lasting, which means you do not need a second application during the day.


Revlon believes that the eyes are the windows of the soul. To have great looking eyes, Revlon cosmetic provide different eye make-ups from the mascara, to eye shadow eyeliner, brow color and false eyelashes. The Revlon make-up brings out the beauty in your eyes.


From the initial introduction of nail polish, the company has moved to produce more nail care products that will give you that glamorous knockout nails. The company specializes in cuticle care to nail color and artificial nails. All the nail products are formaldehyde and toluene free. The rich and gorgeous nail color come in chip-resistant for longer attractive looking nails.

Make-up remover

Revlon Makeup remover gently removes makeup. All the Revlon makeup remover are ophthalmologist tested, so you can be sure that your eyes are safe with them. The Revlon products include towellete and makeup eraser pen. Using the makeup remover, you can easily remove even the waterproof make up in a snap.

Hair color

Revlon cosmetic hair color makes you get the beautiful hair color you have always dreamt of. The experts in Revlon cosmetic will guide you choose the hair color to purchase depending on your natural hair color.

Beauty Tools

Getting beautiful is easy when you have the right beauty tools. From the most envied curved lashes to the perfect brows, you will surely be addicted with the tools from Revlon.


Revlon does not only make you beautiful but makes you smell attractive too. With the wide variety of fragrance, find your signature scent and get the captivating scent of the Revlon fragrance.

Being the leader in cosmetics, Revlon is always the first in introducing innovations in the cosmetic market. The Revlon makeup products provide glamour and excitement through their finest quality products at very affordable prices. Revlon makeup and Revlon foundation created one of the strongest franchises in the world. From the main office in New York, there are now approximately 175 countries with Revlon cosmetics. The company provides Revlon wholesale to its country franchisee. The Revlon wholesale are at a discounted rate to its branches. This makes affordability possible for most women regardless of race.