Skin Products for Men – Tips and Treatments for Total Skincare


Men are becoming increasingly aware that skin products for men are more readily available. Beyond the daily ritual of shaving, it is important that some time be devoted to total skin care. A simple daily routine of cleansing and moisturizing will keep the skin looking and feeling healthy. It is the body’s first line of defense against sickness, germs and disease.

Men and Women

Choose products geared to meet your particular needs. While the basic structure of men’s skin may be the same as a woman’s, it does have unique characteristics. It is thicker and richer in collagen and elastin, making it firmer and more resilient than a woman’s.

The sebaceous glands are more active so skin is oilier giving extra “natural” moisture and an increased tendency to sweat. It is an unwise and an unhelpful practice to purchase products that are not formulated for your skin, especially for the face.

Requirements for Men

You are more prone to dehydration because of daily or regular shaving. What this means is – you get dirtier. So it is very important to clean your face every day. A deep cleansing is vital to remove dead cells, dust and dirt. Products like Guinot exfoliating cream should do the job.

Follow this by using products such as Baxter of California’s Oil Free Moisturizer, fragrance-free and enriched with vitamins and antioxidants that replenish the essential moisture, without adding more oil. Included in their products are body washes, shaving creams and after shave balm.

Time Introduces Different Problems for Men

• twenties – blemishes and acne
• thirties – crow’s feet around the eyes
• forties – deep lines in the forehead
• fifties and beyond – sagging and flaky skin as the glands decrease their activity

Remember that at all stages of life some problems are the same – sun, pollution and stress.

Be Careful of the Sun

When summer arrives it’s time to throw off the pale-skinned complexion from the winter months and fully embrace the sun. This can be dangerous. Long UVA rays are the primary cause of premature aging and aggressive skin cancers while short UVB’s cause burns.

Golden Door Skin Care offers non-greasy protection for men – try Walkabout Sunblock Moisturizer SPF 25 – or for a day on the golf course, Golfer’s Defense SPF 30 Sunscreen.

Fighting Skin Blemishes

The sebaceous glands secrete an oily substance called sebum. If they become overactive and the oil mixes with dead cells, the pores become clogged. The accumulation can result in pockets of infection – acne, sores, boils, and pimples.

Try a Complete Treatment by “Exposed Full Acne” Line

• Facial Cleanser that removes waste accumulation
• Clearing Tonic for opening clogged pores
• Day Serum treats the existing problems
• Night Serum re balances the skin while sleeping

Prevent the Signs of Aging

Collagen is a constituent forming 75% of the skin. When it hardens, it cannot hold water to plump itself up. It then collapses and binds with other collagen fibres. A mesh is formed below the surface and shows up as unwanted wrinkles. Regenocol Cream by Nutriteck uses a formula of aloe vera, vitamins and botanicals that help reduce these age-lines.

Ideal for Everyday Use

Learn about products such as XCD Defender Facial Moisturizer from King of Shaves. It promises to be a good defense in the war against aging with it’s formulas that contain vitamins, minerals and UV filters. Find everything you need to ensure healthy skin.

Take Action Men

Look for total body care – cleansers, toners and suntan lotions. There are products especially made for you. Many brand names have introduced men’s products such as Nivea for Men – Sensitive Face Wash, Gillette Complete Cleansing Bar and Adidas Action Skincare for Men.