Sun Tan Lotions Protects the Skin from the Harmful UV Rays


Sun rays have positive as well as negative effects of their own. For instance, the morning rays are a rich source of Vitamin D and are considered to be of great use to the skin. On the contrary, the mid afternoon rays are intense and emits ultraviolet radiations that are highly detrimental to human skin. On prolonged exposure to the skin, it can cause vital changes in the skin structure.

However, the thinking and preference of people varies from place to place and time to time. While some people are eager to protect themselves from the harmful radiations of the sun, some others might prefer having a tanned skin.

For people who wish to protect their skin from the sun, Sun tan lotions are the perfect solution that protects the skin under all circumstances. Such creams are mainly of two types i.e. sunscreen and indoor tanning lotion. As it can be understood from the names itself, while the former is used to protect the skin from sub burns, itches and rashes, the later is used to increase tanning.

The indoor solutions contain certain chemicals that block the harmful solar radiations from penetrating the skin thereby protecting the skin structure. The only vital thing that needs to be achieved is to ensure that a proper choice of a solution has been made. Check out the sun protection factor and ensure that it is 15 at least to be able to successfully combat the strong rays of the sun. However, if used in proper proportions in the right times of the day, it is not that creams with a lower SPF is not going to function at all.

Posted On:  July 30, 2015
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