Test Four

My friend had to contain her initial shock/horror at the thought I’d purchased the original painting – such is the authenticity of the print. The family and friends who have seen it, have to approach it up-close and along its length to confirm that the paint of the snow is indeed not sitting proud of the painting, this is truly clever.
We have spent long moments of silence admiring the reproduction on the wall.

Test Three

WOW!! I am blown away with how the Giclee reproductions have come up. I am really, really pleased with the quality and end result. The Colour is so close to the original I can’t wait to frame them!

Test Two

My Company searched for almost a year to find the best Giclee prints available as our project required almost 1,000 Giclee prints to be produced. Samples were sent to us from 7 Countries around the World and countless meetings with various Companies discussing their process and materials, however, we were not happy with the Giclee quality from these Companies.