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My Company searched for almost a year to find the best Giclee prints available as our project required almost 1,000 Giclee prints to be produced. Samples were sent to us from 7 Countries around the World and countless meetings with various Companies discussing their process and materials, however, we were not happy with the Giclee quality from these Companies.

"Lisa" Artist, NSW


"Lisa" Artist, NSW

Then I discovered Cie-Elle based in Sydney and took the journey down to meet with the Companies owners after various samples were sent to me from Cie-Elle which were exactly what we were searching for, these samples were then sent onto America and Germany for assessment on weather these were the best Giclee's found. We all found them to be high Quality Giclee' prints using high Tech Equipment to re-produce Quality Museum canvases obtaining a perfect and faultless re-production. The Company Cie-Elle are wonderful people to work with and Les has so much patience for us fussy Artists. I've worked in with Les and his company for over a year on this particular project and I am very thankful for all Cie-elle have done for us in completing our Project. The search is over and Cie-elle will always be our Number one Choice around the World.

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