The Gift of Wise Water


Water is hailed as the most basic component necessary for life. It is the “universal solvent,” capable of dissolving and washing away all kinds of wastes, the most natural purifier, and, of course, it is essential to good health.

The use of water to promote healing in medicine is commonplace. Drinking eight glasses per day is recommended by even the most conservative Western doctors. Yet, in MVM, as for most seemingly commonplace natural substances, there is a science in preparing and utilizing water that also can impart particular healing properties.

America’s First Healing Water

The first healing water prescription of MVM was brought to the USA by Vaidya J.R. Raju, a graduate of Ussmann University in Hydrabad, India, a master in pulse diagnosis, as well as an extremely gifted teacher. Dr. Raju first came to the U. S. in 1989 to consult with and train Western physicians who were beginning the practice of Maharishi Ayur-Veda (MVM). While addressing a large conference in Washington, D. C. in the early 1990’s in which I was in attendance, Dr. Raju related his first experience in applying MVM to Westerners

“I was on an airplane coming here from New York City, when I took my first close look at the people in the new country where I would be consulting. I saw fatigued faces, uneven complexions, puffy and overweight bodies—so much ama. I thought. ‘How can I ever help these people when they have this much ama?’”

Fortunately, when in a therapeutic dilemma, Dr. Raju had the habit of thinking of what his vaidya grandfather, his mentor in Ayurvedic studies since he was three years old, would do.

He continued: “‘Hot water!’ I thought. ‘Hot, boiled water has the necessary power to melt this ama and gradually remove it from their bodies.’”

Sips of hot water throughout the day became the foundation of Dr. Raju’s advice for those with chronic health problems. Around the world today, thousands of individuals have benefited from this simple prescription from Dr. Raju and his grandfather. In my practice alone, literally more than 2,000 patients have benefited from this simple healing technique to remove ama and promote rebalancing of their doshas and bodily tissues. I have been amazed many times by the simplicity yet effectiveness of this technique.

However, as any peri-menopausal woman knows, hot drinks of any kind are likely to trigger a hot flash. Despite its great applicability for so many chronic conditions, plain hot water, the first gift of “wise water” to America, unfortunately was not going to solve my patients menopausal problems. I had to look elsewhere for an answer.