The Link Between Acne And Hormone Changes


Can—the mention of this term reminds you of the kid next door with that pimply face. But it is all right. His is a growing age and in that phase of life, acne or pimples are just normal. But what about adults? If acne is a kid’s domain why do adults face recurring acne issues? The answer lies in the earlier mentioned statement. Growing age implies hormonal changes, and even adults undergo hormonal changes at different stages of life that lead to acne-related issues especially among women during different menstruation cycles.

The Treatment

Among the treatments for acne are home remedies for adult acne and pimples as well, which are caused by hormonal changes. However, because the adult acne is usually a result of drastic hormonal changes like pregnancy, it is best advised to seek a professional who can help you regain your clear skin.

Also during such critical stages, taking any medication suggested by an amateur could have its own side effects, thus further worsening the headache you intended to cure.

The whole idea is not to suggest that adult acne is abnormal or an issue to panic, but it is to recommend the diagnosis of an expert rather than going in for any available medication. Though basic home remedies like gentle cleaning, applying honey, mint paste, and lemon juice or other such natural products would not be harmful and thus can be deployed for better cleaning of the infected area.

Posted On:  July 26, 2016
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