The Magic of Clear Channels


Jacqueline is a 52 year old university professor who has been a patient of mine for over seven years. I first met her when she was in her forties and suffered from a severe case of fibromyalgia, a condition of chronically painful muscles, which was accompanied by fatigue, sleep problems and depression. Applying MVM treatments, including the Transcendental Meditation Program, vata pacifying diet, and Maharishi Rejuvenation Therapy cleansing treatments (a specific program of panchakarma) resulted eventually in nearly complete remission of her fibromyalgia symptoms.

This very positive result had inspired Jacqueline to carefully maintain a balanced lifestyle and diet according to her personalized MVM recommendations, as she did not ever want those problems to return again.

Now, a decade later, Jacqueline was coming to see me because she was experiencing disturbing symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes, night sweats, and annoying recurrent headaches. All this was happening, she told me, in spite of applying all she had learned about self-care for her doshas according to MVM, and trying several over-the- counter herbal and isoflavone-based menopausal products to no avail. She had even tried HRT for several months, out of desperation, but had experienced intolerable side-effects and had to stop it. She was at my office in hopes that some further adjustment in her MVM program could offer her relief.

After listening to her story, I examined Jacqueline’s pulse. It was dull and heavy and sluggish. Ama was blocking the channels, particularly those involving fat metabolism. A quick look at her record confirmed my suspicion. “You’ve gained some weight in the past year, about 12 pounds,” I commented.

“Yes I have,” she responded, “and what’s frustrating is that there is no reason! I haven’t changed my diet at all. I’m not overeating, and my gynecologist checked my thyroid—it’s fine. I’m beginning to get worried that I’ll never be able to lose this extra weight.”

After explaining to Jacqueline how ama had accumulated in the channels that supported her fat tissue, or meda, I went on to outline the Vedic medicine treatment I was proposing.

“You are already eating a good diet, Jacqueline,” I began, “but I would like you to add three components to it that will help you digest and metabolize your food more effectively. The end goal of this three-part self-treatment plan I’m advising for you is to clear the gaps and channels of ama from your fat tissue—the area where your symptoms are originating. First, I will give you the basics of this three-part self-treatment program, and then help you to tailor it to your specific symptoms for a fast and comfortable approach to restoring your natural balance. If your body responds as I anticipate, your hot flashes, night sweats and headaches, as well as that extra weight that seems to have arrived “for no reason,” will soon disappear.