The Milk Angle To Acne Home Remedies


Acne is a problem experienced by almost everyone in their young years. Related to hormonal changes, improper diet and negligent hygienic conditions, acne has given a tough time to all. A desire to fight this evil has then to led various cures including the medications available with different chemical compositions and the natural course again composing of the natural medications available in markets and the home remedies through natural products.

Dairy Product Vis-À-Vis Acne-Related Issues

Among the natural treatment section for acne, a growing debate points towards soy milk among causes for acne in the home remedies for pimple treatment. Milk, and especially cow milk, a usual component for a good and healthy diet as propagated to maintain healthy skin, is now considered as a catalyst to acne-related issues. To establish, this argument various researchers have started taking up extensive studies that try to correlate the impact of soy milk on pimple treatment. The grounds are not completely baseless, and the key reasons include:

Hormones present in cow’s milk contain placenta-derived progesterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) precursors that are considered to be acne stimulators
The high levels of butterfat and milk sugars are also considered as harmful for skin problems.
The iodine content present in milk and milk products can stimulate pores, thus helping production of acne-causing oil and resulting in acne and pimples.
These are causes for dairy milk, not soy milk. We list no proof that soy milk causes acne.

The list is further increasing and various studies conducted for various reasons present grounds to highlight that soy milk causes acne and, therefore, must be avoided among other home remedies for pimple treatment.

Posted On:  July 28, 2016
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