Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery


Nowadays many women are deciding to go for vaginal cosmetic surgery. According to most psychologists and doctors, the women who are deciding to go for these complicated surgeries are influenced mainly by their husbands and boyfriends. This operation is also known as labiaplasty as it deals with cosmetic modifications of the labia. Previously this operation was only done on porn actresses and women with serious genital defects. But now things have changed a lot. Many ordinary females are now opting to undergo labiaplasty, even if they have no dysfunctions in their labia.

What Does a Typical Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery Include?

A typical vaginal cosmetic surgery includes the reshaping of the lip like structures (labia) of the vagina extending on both side of vulva. The labiaplasty reforms them and provide them a much better appearance. The reshaping is done either by cutting them if they are too big, or by mending their unevenness. This method is included in the cosmetic surgery family as it does not change any functionality of the organ. However vaginal cosmetic surgery is also used to repair damages in the labia caused by diseases or child birth.

What Is Hoodectomy?

If you do some research on this subject, you will get to know about a type of vaginal cosmetic surgery known as ‘hoodectomy’. This surgical process is employed for exposing the clitoris. The primary aim of this operation is correcting the clitoral phimosis. This process is also used to treat sexual dysfunctions, for example incapability to attain orgasm. But to date there is no proper evidence of hoodectomy curing sexual dysfunctions.

Why Is Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery Risky for Teenagers?

The process may be very helpful for older females to keep their partners happy. But the danger lies in the fact that recently many teenagers are also undergoing vaginal cosmetic surgeries. Young girls of 15 are also deciding to have this type of operation. This is a matter of major concern. Generally these young girls don’t have proper information about the natural risks associated with these surgeries. The most common risk is caused by the scar tissues near vaginal opening. This may cause some serious pain in the time of child birth.