What Is White Glow Facial Foam


The White Glow Facial Foam is facial foam for all skin types and is an herbal product which cleanses deeply and whitens the skin and prevents melanin production. It also stops skin darkening resulting in brighter radiantly supple and fresh skin.
It’s an herbal supplement that works on skin easily without causing any side-effects as it’s a complete safe herbal formulation to go for.
What Is The Composition Of The White Glow Facial Foam?
Aloe Vera Gel
Milk enzymes
What Are The Benefits Of White Glow Facial Foam?
Brightens and lighten skins
Prevents skin darkening
Make skin fair gradually
No side-effects
Herbal product
Suitable for all skin types
How To Use?
Apply gently on the skin in upward direction and rinse. Use in morning and evening for a supple fresh, brighter and fair looking skin.

Posted On:  February 1, 2017
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